Night of the Living Wedge Halloween Pub Crawl

Night of the Living Wedge Halloween Pub Crawl
South Wedge Neighborhood Oct. 27, 2023, 6:30 p.m. Oct. 27, 2023, 11:59 p.m.

The Night of the Living Wedge Halloween Pub Crawl is back this year! Dress up, bounce around the Wedge, meet fun people, and win cool stuff! There will be a $100 cash prize for the best costume and raffles for ... more info on Night of the Living Wedge Halloween Pub Crawl

Axom Home

SWQ Winter 2020

Axom Home661 South Ave585-232-6030www.axomhome.comHours of operation: Tues – Saturday 11 - 6Year business opened: Just opened in the Wedge Nov. 2019Axom Home is a lifestyle store for modern urban living. Our collections feature design centric and eco-conscious furniture brands ... read more

Happy 200th Birthday Susan B. Anthony

Julie Ferreira SWQ Winter 2020

In the year Susan B Anthony was born, 1820, the United States was only 44 years old with 23 states, the Erie Canal was not completed, and nearly 16% of its population was enslaved. Married women – of any race ... read more

Wonder Windows

SWQ Winter 2020

Wonder Windows634 South Avenue585-654-7000www.wonderwindows.comOpen M-F 8am – 5pmEst 1994 in the South Wedge!We are a wonderful local partner who can help beautify your home with new windows or doors. Wonder Windows specializes in selling top quality, American made products ... read more

HIstoric Houseparts

SWQ Winter 2020

Historic Houseparts528-540 South Avenue(585) 325-2329historichouseparts.comHours: Mon-Sat 9:30-6Established 1980We offer both new and antique/vintage building materials and decorative accessories plus restoration materials for older homes. Some of the items you will find in our 20,000 ft business (4 buildings) include new ... read more

Highland Contractors

SWQ Winter 2020

Highland Contractors620 South Clinton Ave585-507-3658highlandcontractors.comHours of operation: M-F 9am - 9pm Weekends 9am - 5pmYear business opened: 2008We are a residential and commercial exterior contractor. We are offer repairs and full replacements for Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Windows, Doors, Insulation and ... read more


SWQ Winter 2020

Abode839 Clinton Ave S585.471.8357www.aboderoc.comHours of operation: W-R 12-4:20, F 12-6, Sa 11-5, Su 12-5Year business opened: 2012Abode is a vintage and vintage-inspired furniture and home store with a focus on mid-century modern design. They also offer cards, candles, kitchenware, ... read more

Tru Yoga Open For All

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Holiday 2019

From her eyes, to her smile and handshake – it’s easy to like Imani Olear at first sight. She is exactly the kind of warm and welcoming person the world needs now. Since the spring of 2019 when Imani and ... read more

Roc Paper Straws

Katie Libby SWQ Holiday 2019

Karrie Laughton wasn’t looking to open another business. As the owner of the busy Lux Lounge on South Avenue, she had enough on her plate. But then she decided to make the transition from plastic to paper straws at Lux, ... read more

Deck the Halls

Betsy Harris SWQ Holiday 2019

In case you didn’t hear, Bradley James Designs has relocated to the South Wedge. The storefront, previously home to Flower Power Déco, has been in the hands of Bradley James and his captivating designs for a year and a half. ... read more

A South Wedge Feast

Philip Duquette SWQ Holiday 2019

An open house is my favorite type of party - both to throw and to attend. As the host you can invite anyone and everyone as you go about your daily life. You can send out formal invites, create a ... read more

Seasoned Greetings

Vicki Finnefrock SWQ Holiday 2019

With the holidays fast approaching, regardless of one’s culture or traditions, sharing good food is always involved. Whether it is food at work or gatherings with friends or family, in the next 2 months we will be surrounded by food. ... read more

Make It Sparkle

Evvy Fanning SWQ Holiday 2019

No matter what the situation, what the circumstances, the occasion, the relationship, two things are always appropriate: flowers and Champagne. I propose a new year’s resolution – let’s stop reserving these for other people’s weddings. I propose we drink more ... read more

It's a Wonderful Life in the South Wedge

It's a Wonderful Life in the South Wedge

Tracy Duquette-Saville SWQ Holiday 2019

The Business Association of the South Wedge Area is excited to present our annual holiday festival, It’s a Wonderful Life in the South Wedge, now in its 11th year, on Saturday December 7 from 11 AM to 4 PM in ... read more

Roc Salt Center

Roc Salt Center

Toni Beth Weasner SWQ Holiday 2019

If you want to know where the action is in the South Wedge, head to the corner of Averill Avenue and Ashland Street and you’ll find it there. The ROC SALT Center has become the new heartbeat in the ... read more

Remebering RPD Officer Manuel "Manny" Ortiz

Remebering RPD Officer Manuel "Manny" Ortiz

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Holiday 2019

Rochester Police Department Officer Manuel “Manny” Ortiz was remembered for his bright smile and exceptional service to the community many times at the Rochester Convention Center November 8. Hundreds of police officers, state troopers, sheriffs and thousands of people filled ... read more

Honky Tonk

Kevin Grant SWQ Holiday 2019

A honky-tonk bar is defined as a cheap and disreputable old bar or saloon commonly associated with ragtime music and the Old West. Lux Lounge, on the other hand, is a thoroughly modern bar and the watering hole of choice ... read more

The Secret Life of El Destructo

Jen Brunett SWQ Autumn 2019

You may have seen his paintings around town in places like Little Shop of Hoarders, LUX, Record Archive and Photo City Improv (the latter, having a continuous art show still going strong over 24 months) and thought to yourself delightedly, ... read more

Austin Lake

Betsy Harris SWQ Autumn 2019

Being a creative in Rochester is what Austin Lake does. A man interested in many creative pursuits, Austin writes, performs, and records all his own music as well as writes, directs, and shoots his own movies. And of course, he ... read more

Remembering Gina

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Autumn 2019

If you knew Gina Belardino, you most likely knew she loved her tortoises, Norm and Shelly, her latest rescue dog Angel, her cat, Lily and that she worked with her daughter Jennifer for 32 years at the South Wedge Barber ... read more

Natural Treasures

Tom Jones & Rose O'Keefe SWQ Autumn 2019

Mount Hope Cemetery is a treasure trove of natural beauty. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the magnificent trees there, hop on PlantsMap (plantsmap.com - a website that hosts botanical collections) and search “fomh”, short for Friends of ... read more

Cheese Boards 101

Chris Jones SWQ Autumn 2019

When I was a kid my dad used to take me to the Rochester Public Market on Saturdays and each time we went he would pick up different types of cheese to try. I remember my mom complaining about the ... read more

More Cheese Please

Bill Skillern SWQ Autumn 2019

When starting a major career change, the best first day ever has to be coming in to Swiftwater Brewing and ‘working’ a few hours in a cheeseboard brainstorming session. Sampling different cheeses from multiple sources with beers, pickles, smoked almonds, ... read more

The Sweet Truth About Chocolate

Jennifer Posey SWQ Autumn 2019

If you happen to be reading this, you most likely cherish chocolate as much as we do. When something is as beautiful and beloved as chocolate, it is natural to wonder exactly how it came to be. Besides the obvious ... read more

Chocolate Lady - Jennifer Posey

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Autumn 2019

When Jennifer Posey was 10 she got a job as scorekeeper for a Little League baseball team. The pay? $5 a game and a hotdog. She loved the hotdogs so much she spent the rest of her pay at the ... read more

Misfit Doughnuts & Treats

Betsy Harris SWQ Autumn 2019

In May 2019, there was a fire was in the apartment above the Misfit Doughnuts and Treats Shop on Monroe Avenue. The local favorite was forced to close after the extensive damage destroyed the integrity of the building. The cause ... read more

The German House Reimagined

Betsy Harris SWQ Autumn 2019

With the departing of Buta Pub from Historic German House, there was growing concern as to what would occupy the historic structure originally built in 1908. The reader will be pleased to know that the revitalization to the building has ... read more

John’s Tex Mex

Jen Brunett SWQ Summer 2019

How many times have you had an idea that you thought would be great if you could actually pull it off but decided not to do it for whatever reason? Maybe you were too busy or didn’t think you could ... read more

Stars & Stripes Flag Store

Joan Brandenburg & Chris Stocking SWQ Summer 2019

There is a store on South Avenue that makes you feel good about being an American. Thanks to the efforts of the Wegmans leadership team, the Stars and Stripes Flag Store,located at 447 South Avenue, has a new, refreshed look ... read more

Kenron Celebrates 50 Years

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Summer 2019

If you’ve known Ron Maier for a while you may know him as the businessman who in 1975 moved his Kenron office and shop into the former Fine Arts theatre at 700 South Ave. or that he teamed up with ... read more

Rochester Real Beer Expo IX

Joe McBane SWQ Summer 2019

The Rochester Real Beer Expo is just around the corner and now in its 9th year. The Expo is produced by BASWA board members and local business owners and all proceeds from the event are rolled back into the neighborhood ... read more

The Salads of Summer

Bridgette Pendleton-Snyder SWQ Summer 2019

Let’s talk summer! Lazy days at the lake, neighborhood picnics or just backyard hangs are my favorite ways to celebrate this season of warm breezes, outdoor living, and sun-shine. I absolutely love to cook, even during those hot and humid ... read more

Sun Salutation | Surya Namaskar

Kay Colner, PT, DPT, C-IAT SWQ Summer 2019

When we think of the word Yoga, it’s easy to picture push-ups and back bends, downward dogs and warrior poses. I think we even like to chuckle at the thought of our friends contorting themselves into fish pose and falling ... read more

Next Level House of CBD

Becky Walters & Rose O'Keefe SWQ Spring 2019

If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between hemp oil and cannabidiol, you can find answers to those questions at Next Level – House of CBD. The new business which opened in February at the corner of South Clinton and ... read more

Hipocampo Books

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Spring 2019

Henry Padrón is proud to share that Hipocampo Books at 638 South Ave. (pronounced eepo-campo) is on the national map for Children’s Book Week, April 29 to May 5. The closest bookstore in all of Upstate is in Buffalo and ... read more

Kombucha Culture: Tea with a Twist

Jen Brunett SWQ Spring 2019

Kombucha has been making quite a name for itself in the last few years. Where at one time there might have been an odd few brands on the cold shelves in a grocery store, now there are hundreds of varieties ... read more

Spring Tonics

Spring Tonics

Evvy Fanning SWQ Spring 2019

Picture a kind of linen closet with a window to the outside. That was the refrigerator in my grandparents’ kitchen, where I grew up. The average temperature during a Latvian winter (September yhrough May… just kidding) is well below freezing, ... read more

Green Tea 101

Niraj Larna SWQ Spring 2019

Green tea, like all other true teas, come from the plant camellia sinensis. But the way in which it is processed, green tea is considered to be the most pristine form of tea, preserving most of the chemicals as found ... read more

It's Easy Eatin' Green

Bridgette Pendleton-Snyder SWQ Spring 2019

Flowers bloomin’, birds chirpin’ and the sun is finally shinin’! Bring on those fresh spring veggies! Crisp asparagus, sweet baby peas, and beautifully aromatic leeks. Not only are they abundantly tasty, they are also very versatile and easy to work ... read more

In Memoriam: Rachel Larson

In Memoriam: Rachel Larson

Lori Bryce SWQ Spring 2019

Our climate is changing as a result of human activity. The global temperature is rising, oceans are warming, ice sheets are shrinking, and glaciers are retreating. Scientists and the vast majority of the population believe this. Something needs to change. ... read more

Alison Cote

Paula Cummings SWQ Winter 2019

If you live in Rochester, you’ve probably seen artwork by Alison Cote. Her work isn’t tucked away in some gallery. It’s everywhere. “The city is my gallery,” says Alison. “The bands that are hiring me put up my posters all ... read more

Anna Liebel

Paula Cummings SWQ Winter 2019

Anna Liebel caught the music bug as a teenager. Her sister’s band was on tour, and Anna was invited along to sell merch. “I’ve always loved music, but I had never played, really,” Anna recounts. “From there, I wanted ... read more

Don't Feel Guilt...Eat that Burger!

Bridgette Pendleton-Snyder SWQ Winter 2019

After many weeks of holiday parties, family gatherings and hibernating on the couch, I know how hard it can be to stick to that ohso-common New Years Resolution of “eating healthier and getting in shape” when the days are grey, ... read more

The Sazerac

Evvy Fanning SWQ Winter 2019

In the history of the world, we are a young country. The United States of America was paved by people who are not from here. We all came from somewhere else. Whether we were running from something, as my family ... read more

Tru Yoga

Rose O'Keefe & Chris Jones SWQ Winter 2019

Celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year, Tru Yoga, located at 696 South Ave, is an open and inviting space where new yoga students and expert practitioners alike feel welcome and inspired. Owners Lindsay and Pete Nabozny believe strongly in making ... read more

Dr. Stephen Boronczyk: Rochester Chirotherapy

Dr. Stephen Boronczyk: Rochester Chirotherapy

SWQ Winter 2019

Best wishes and to welcome Dr. Stephen Boronczyk whose name we can add to the list of South Wedge practitioners who help us stay healthy. Q ~ What did your parents do and what lesson did you learn from them? ... read more

Colin Coffey: Renewing-Massage

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Winter 2019

It is a pleasure to get better acquainted with Colin Coffey, a licensed massage therapist and owner of Renewing Massage who definitely makes people’s lives better.Q ~ What did your parents do and what lesson did you learn from them? ... read more

Glickfit Gym

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Winter 2019

Try to forget that 6’5” Glickfit Gym co-owner Kyle Glickman happens to model men’s clothing. Try to forget that Ewa (pronounced Eva) Hlebowicz is a full-time firefighter who prefers to be called fireman because she does a “man’s” job. They ... read more

The Artful Gardener

SWQ Winter 2020

The Artful Gardener727 Mt. Hope Ave.585-454-2874www.theartfulgardenerny.comHours: Tues.-Fri. 11:00-6:00; Sat. 10:00-5:00Garden Design/ Consultation by AppointmentEst. 2010Not just for gardeners, The Artful Gardener is a combination of Craft Gallery and Garden Design Studio offering an ever-changing selection of Fine Art and ... read more

SW AirBnBs

Rose O'Keefe & Chris Jones SWQ Summer 2019

Whatever your style or budget, if you want to live somewhere like a neighbor, then an Airbnb is the way to go.The online Rochester map shows prices for places from Irondequoit Bay to the suburbs. Clicking on the tags, there’s ... read more

Canopy Design & Illustration

Paula Cummings SWQ Summer 2019

Warm mid-day light streams through the floor-to-ceiling bay windows of the Caroline Street studio, illuminating the rows of artwork that line the walls. The subjects in the frames range from cityscapes to state parks, and from 90’s pop culture to ... read more

Olivia Kim: Bringing Frederick Douglass to Life

Olivia Kim: Bringing Frederick Douglass to Life

Paula Cummings SWQ Holiday 2018

STATUES of beloved Rochester resident Frederick Douglass have been stationed all about town. One of the likenesses stands at the site of the old Douglass Family Farm on South Avenue, beside Anna Murray Douglass School #12.The statues are being created ... read more

A Feast for Everyone

Bridgette Pendleton-Snyder SWQ Holiday 2018

Days are getting shorter and the sweaters and gloves are back out. The smell of woodsmoke is in the air and leaves are crunching underfoot. It’s time to plan the menus for your holiday parties and family gatherings.This used to ... read more

Allstate Agency

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Holiday 2018

Who doesn’t agree that it’s a pleasure to see the storefronts on South Avenue fill up? The latest is the Allstate Agency at 661 South Ave, owned by Jon Yaeger, a western New Yorker born and bred. Jon has been ... read more

Drinks: The Classics

Evvy Fanning SWQ Holiday 2018

My first love was cocktails. I grew up in my grandparents’ center city loft in the old world and in the old time. They hosted brilliant parties: I remember women in pearls, with fragile glasses of fizzy drinks. Men at ... read more



John Magnus Champlin SWQ Holiday 2018

While the usual paranormal or supernatural occurrences tends to happen when the observer is seemingly alone at home or on a dark poorly lit street, there have been cases that break those molds. Times that not just a couple witnesses ... read more

ME Real Estate

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Holiday 2018

It may be hard to tell from the quiet exterior that ME at 644-648 South Ave. is one busy place. As owner Jim Marchegiano says, “Honestly it is a very hectic business. We cover many aspects of the real estate ... read more

Lux Lounge

Jen Brunett SWQ Autumn 2018

LUX LOUNGE is kind of a misfit toy, that welcomes other misfit toys in a misfit part of the city. Revolving works of local art decorate the interior, there are tables with body parts, handmade sconces and nuances of demons ... read more

Bradley James Designs

Bradley James Designs

SWQ Autumn 2018

Mention the new floral shop on South Avenue and people want to know if they can buy flowers there. Yes. Walk-in hours are Wednesday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday by appointment only. Stepping into the shop ... read more

The Old Stone Tavern

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Autumn 2018

Let’s put our hands together for Old Stone Tavern, at 758 South Ave. which had its soft opening in July. After business partners Marc Taranto and Jeff Wilczewski took over the Orbs location, they had to apply for a liquor ... read more

Adam Bierton: Professional Pumpkin Carver

Morgan Flake SWQ Autumn 2018

Adam Bierton, a Rochester native, is happy to be back where he started out as an artist, before becoming a professional pumpkin carver in the artistic capital of Brooklyn. Halloween has always been one of Bierton’s favorite things. Like many ... read more

Spooky and Delicious

Bridgette Pendleton-Snyder SWQ Autumn 2018

When I say Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday all year I’m not at all exaggerating. Cooler weather, jack-o-lanterns and being able to wear one of my many Witch hats - what could be better? On Halloween night we get ... read more

Drink Local: The Spirit Room

Mark Tichenor SWQ Autumn 2018

“Tell him about the dimes!” Gabrielle the bartender yells, overhearing the conversation, Rachel McKibbens, The Spirit Room’s co-partner and resident poet laureate, smiles. “When summer was starting, and we hadn’t anticipated the slowdown from everyone staying outdoors, we were figuring ... read more

Make it a Festive Halloween

Madelyn Posey SWQ Autumn 2018

When I was growing up as a kid, there were a few houses that will forever stick in my memory as the place to go on my trick-or-treating route. They were always decorated, a little spooky, and the owners were ... read more

Kurstie Grimble (Khaos by Design)

Paula Cummings SWQ Autumn 2018

Kurstie Grimble never thought she’d be making a living as an artist.“I couldn’t find stuff I liked in stores because I’m a little bit different. So I started making my own jewelry and clothes – what I liked in my ... read more

Ashley Landon | Knotty Owl

Jen Brunett SWQ Summer 2018

Four-year-old Ashley Landon was heading for a life altering surprise when she was lead through the doors of the Memorial Art Gallery for the first time. Her passion for art. She found it right there at the Gallery and her ... read more

Rochester’s Top 10 Places to Wet Your Whistle Outdoors

Christina DiPilato SWQ Summer 2018

Summer in Rochester is FINALLY here! I don’t know about you, but this time of year all I want to do is grab a drink and head outdoors. While some of us imbibe from the comfort of our yards and ... read more

Let’s Talk Cheesecake

Katie Libby SWQ Summer 2018

National Cheesecake Day falls on Monday, July 30 and we’re lucky enough to have one of the best cheesecake shops in town right on South Avenue. Cheesy Eddie’s celebrates the holiday in a big way every year, giving away between ... read more

Trevyan Rowe 2004 - 2018

Trevyan Rowe 2004 - 2018

Victoria Robertson SWQ Summer 2018

Trevyan Devon Rowe died March 8, 2018. He is survived by his mother, Carrie M. Houston; 4 brothers; 1 sister; aunts, uncles; other relatives and friends. On Thursday March 8, 14 year old Trevyan Rowe walked away from his school ... read more

​Highland Family Medicine

​Highland Family Medicine

Thomas M. Campbell II, MD SWQ Summer 2018

Highland Family Medicine is proud to care for patients and families at our home base in the heart of the South Wedge on South Clinton Avenue. We are the largest single-site primary care practice in Rochester, serving over 23,000 patients, ... read more

​Bivona Child Advocacy Center

Morgan Flake SWQ Summer 2018

Bivona Child Advocacy Center opened its doors in the South Wedge in 2015, but it has been serving the Rochester community since 2004. Bivona provides comprehensive services for children who have experienced abuse in their families. At Bivona they can ... read more

Rochester Childfirst Network

Nolan Parker SWQ Summer 2018

Although their reputation is built on innovation in childcare and attention to the needs of children, there is a quality to the Rochester Childfirst Network (RCN) which is symbolic of all of Rochester’s best intentions. I visited the RCN build-ing, ... read more

Jay Lincoln

Jen Brunett SWQ Spring 2018

I think if you took a peek into the mind of Jay Lincoln (RIT Professor and Artist), you’d see a swirling kaleidoscope of vivid color— distorted hues rippling into one another with their own brand of vibrancy. You’d be slightly ... read more

Little Shop of Hoarders

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Spring 2019

Dedicated followers of fashion. Art appreciators. Down to earth. That’s what in “About Us” on the website for Little Shop of Hoarders, a trendy vintage shop and gallery on Gregory Street. Owner Monika Ludwinek welcomes commission vendors to place vintage ... read more

Cinco de Mayo

John Roth SWQ Spring 2018

Spring means one of America’s favorite cultural holidays! No, I’m not talking about St. Patrick ’s Day, I am talking about the one with the arguably better tasting food that comes later in spring. That’s right, it’s Cinco de Mayo!But ... read more

David Halter 1935 - 2018

David Halter 1935 - 2018

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Spring 2018

By Rose O'Keefe with Lisa HalterAt the service for the celebration of the life of David “Dave” Halter on March 4th at Calvary St. Andrew’s Church, everyone who spoke showed a side of him that others didn’t know. Sandy Brewer, ... read more

Trevyan Rowe 1914 - 2018

Trevyan Rowe 1914 - 2018

Victoria Robertson SWQ Spring 2018

On Thursday March 8, 14 year old Trevyan Rowe walked away from his school bus at James P.B. Duffy School 12 on South Avenue and eventually drowned in the Genesee River. His family did not even know he was missing ... read more

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Farm

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Farm

Sarah Hilfiker SWQ Spring 2018

With more consumers choosing and eating organic in recent years for many different reasons from personal health to environmental concerns, knowing where your food comes from is something we should all be more curious about. Growing your own food is ... read more

Abundance Co-op

Morgan Flake SWQ Spring 2018

Abundance Food Co-op is the grocery store and community space around the corner. Whether you are a member, a frequent or occasional customer, or someone who is still wondering what the grocery store on the corner of Averill and South ... read more

Pure Sole Nails

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Winter 2018

When I met Jessica Lynn at Pure Sole Nails, she was in the thick of end-of-the-year holiday appointments, but I would guess Valentine’s Day appointments will keep her busy too. Jessica moved into the space at 684 South Avenue in ... read more

Eat Your Heart Out!

Bridgette Pendleton-Snyder SWQ Winter 2018

Let’s get real, we all snack. And in all honesty, snacking isn’t bad for you if it’s done in moderation and by making healthy choices. With February being National Heart Health Month I want to share some of my favorite ... read more

Boulder Coffee Under New Ownership

Boulder Coffee Under New Ownership

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Winter 2018

Michelle and Kanwal Singh, new owners of Boulder Cafe, at 100 Alexander St., know that Boulder has a loyal following. When Michelle looked at the menu, she aimed to keep most of it the same while sourcing more items locally, ... read more

Auto Parts & Repair Shops

Auto Parts & Repair Shops

Morgan Flake SWQ Winter 2018

Photos by Dave Burnet, Heather McKay, & Dick BennettWith Rochester’s notorious winters, one local business you can hardly help but patronize is your local auto repair shop. Whether to purchase and install snow tires or get a fix for that ... read more

Hippity Hip Community Play Space

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Winter 2018

If you pay attention to demographics, there’s a large group of 25 to 35-year-olds in and around the Wedge. With the need to play in mind, Jenna Chew has opened Hippity Hip Community Playspace at 131 Gregory St. It’s a ... read more

Nabil & Nassin

Marjorie Rolleston SWQ Holiday 2017

Nabil Shaibi and Nassim Salem’s South Wedge home buzzes with energy. In addition to their 5 children, ages 4-14, and two additional teenagers under their care, the house is often filled with many others from the South Yemen diaspora. Nabil ... read more

Giving Back

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Holiday 2017

How does someone who has survived extreme hardship celebrate holidays? In Sadiya Omar’s case she teaches her youngest son the same lessons her parents did. “I always remind my children, although we pray in a different way, we are all ... read more

History of Lot #85 Hickory

History of Lot #85 Hickory

SWQ Holiday 2017

Using plat maps, deeds, newspaper archives, city archives, census and city directories it seems likely that David’s house was built around 1863 and 1864. Several of us worked on researching the house and received invaluable help from Michele Rowe and ... read more

Home Again

Morgan Flake SWQ Holiday 2017

If you’ve walked or driven past the corner of Meigs and Caroline Street in the last six months, you’ve seen a major restoration project underway. Anticipation has been building for the reopening of Dicky’s Corner Pub since the announcement that ... read more

The Floor Dance Co.

Katie Libby SWQ Holiday 2017

Kristie Schillaci, owner and director of The Floor Dance Company (758 South Avenue) grew up dancing. She’s had training in ballet, jazz, tap, and contemporary and has been sharing that knowledge with students in Rochester for years. After graduating with ... read more

Jim Wolff & Chris Jones

Katie Libby SWQ Autumn 2017

Talking with Chris Jones and Jim Wolff, owners of Historic Houseparts (540 South Avenue), it is clear that they have a passion for preservation, for the South Wedge neighborhood that they have lived in for over twenty years, and for ... read more

Of Course You Can!

Bridgette Pendleton-Snyder SWQ Autumn 2017

As the air starts to cool a bit and the daylight hours begin to dwindle, it’s clear that Autumn is almost here. Then comes the realization that it will be at least 6-7 months until fresh local produce will again ... read more

Fountain of Youth

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Autumn 2017

If you are looking for a warm and welcoming place to work out, by all means, visit Fountain of Youth, 390 South Ave., Suite A. When I first spoke to Hassan Robinson at a BASWA monthly meeting in the spring, ... read more

Ron Maier

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Autumn 2017

A common sight early on a Saturday morning in the Wedge is Ron Maier patiently, tirelessly removing old handbills from light poles, pulling weeds, or picking up trash around Gregory and South Avenue. These acts, small contributions which greatly enhance ... read more

Remodel Your Way to a Free Vacation

Heather McKay SWQ Autumn 2017

Most people like you and me use credit cards for everyday spending or a few big ticket purchases. Are you using the right card? Is your credit card working for you and helping you to stay out of credit card ... read more

BASWA Brings Zagster Bike Share to the South Wedge

BASWA Brings Zagster Bike Share to the South Wedge

BASWA has partnered with the City of Rochester to bring a Zagster Bike Share to the South Wedge neighborhood. The city-wide bike share program launches tomorrow, our 10-bicycle docking station is now located at the corner of South Avenue ... read more

Community Composting

Jessica Hamm SWQ Summer 2017

Collectively speaking, we waste a lot of food. According to the USDA, Americans waste between 30-40 percent of the food supply, which equates to over $150 billion each year. The Environmental Protection Agency states that each American tosses out an ... read more

Rebecca Lomuto

Erica Sanko SWQ Summer 2017

Wedge resident Rebecca Lomuto and her partner Becky Riedman met at the Tap and Mallet over a year ago and shortly afterward embarked on a cross-country road trip which solidified their connection. Now the pair live in the South Wedge ... read more

Spotlight On: The Mighty High and Dry

Jen Brunett SWQ Autumn 2017

The Mighty High and Dry was coined as co-founder and South Wedge resident Alan Murphy was listening to satellite radio and noticing some trends feeding back to him in the form of singer-songwriters and their plights. “There was a simultaneous ... read more

Getting to Know: Beth Ditto

Getting to Know: Beth Ditto

Ben Frazier SWQ Summer 2017

Small-town Arkansas might seem like the least likely starting point for someone who would eventually become a queer icon and be called “the coolest woman in the world,” but that’s precisely the case with Beth Ditto. Leaving Arkansas as Mary ... read more

Dewey Rice + Wednesday Westwood

Jeana Bonacci-Roth SWQ Summer 2017

Wedge resident Dewey Rice doesn’t originally hail from Rochester but he’s well known here. You probably know him best as Wednesday Westwood, the gloriously goth and punk-inspired drag queen. Dewey grew up in the Watertown area but after spending two ... read more


Rose O'Keefe SWQ Summer 2017

For Stephen Rees, a summer job working at Bristol Harbor Lodge at age 15 led to baking and pastry competitions. After getting hooked on those, he attended the Culinary Institute of America where he received degrees in both looking and ... read more

Make It Sparkle

Christina DiPilato SWQ Holiday 2017

With the holiday season looming upon us, thoughts of elaborate dinner parties, gifts for our loved ones, and holiday shopping are filling our heads. As stressful as the holidays are, at their core they are a celebration of food, drink, ... read more

New Traditions

Bridgette Pendleton-Snyder SWQ Holiday 2017

With the holidays around the corner it’s time to start making my lists and checking them twice. Each year I’m in charge of our Christmas Eve cocktail party. As a kid, we would celebrate this evening at my Nana and ... read more

Welcome Home

Rose O'Keefe & Chris Jones SWQ Holiday 2017

EXACTLY 200 years ago, in 1817, Lyman Munger settled on the eastern bank of the Genesee River wilderness with his wife and five children, in the area between what are now Averill Avenue and Hickory Street. A Connecticut native who ... read more


Jen Brunett SWQ Summer 2017

It’s been eleven years since Equal Grounds Coffee House broke proverbial ground in the South Wedge but its intention presented itself long before, when a frustrated couple wanted to do nothing more than hang out together in public. Except they ... read more