Jeana Bonacci-Roth

JEANA BONACCI-ROTH hates writing writer’s bios but loves the South Wedge. She loves it so much that she lives, plays, and works at multiple establishments there. In fact she only leaves the Wedge when absolutely necessary. View Jeana Bonacci-Roth's profile

Jen Brunett

I've been writing poems and short stories for as long as I could hold a pen! Though I do love all types of fiction and have some projects brewing, it seems as though I've been swimming in the vast waters ... View Jen Brunett's profile

Lori Bryce

LORI BRYCE resides with her husband Roger on Crawford Street and has 2 boys currently attending James P.B. Duffy School #12 and a daughter at Wilson Commencement. View Lori Bryce's profile

Dave Burnet

My parents gave me two truly impactful gifts as a child: a small dark room kit and two trips to visit the National Parks of the west. Photography has been a part of my life for as long as I ... View Dave Burnet's profile

Paula Cummings

Paula Cummings is a music enthusiast from Rochester. She loves discovering up-and-coming artists. You'll usually find her hanging out in small venues, record stores and coffee shops in and around The Wedge. View Paula Cummings's profile

Erica Denman

ERICA DENMAN is a teacher, writer, wife, daughter, and step-mother who is grateful, everyday, for all of it. View Erica Denman's profile

Christina DiPilato

CHRISTINA DIPILATO began her bartending career in Southampton, NY and has worked in several bars and restaurants in Rochester and Ithaca. A huge gaming nerd, she may be the oldest woman to spend hours on end playing Tomb Raider and ... View Christina DiPilato's profile

Philip Duquette

PHILIP DUQUETTE-SAVILLE has been a resident of the South Wedge since 1991. He is the co-owner of Premier Pastry, has 3 beagles, a degree from The University of Rochester, and an opinion about everything. View Philip Duquette's profile

Morgan Flake

Morgan Flake lives in the South Wedge and works in Rochester as a middle school health teacher. She enjoys volunteering to write for the SWQ, lead tours at the National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House, and mentor with Big ... View Morgan Flake's profile

Ben Frazier

Ben Frazier spent the entirety of the 90s giving his unsolicited opinion on music while selling records at various shops across this fine land. If you so dare, you may further subject yourself to his questionable musical choices as he ... View Ben Frazier's profile

Chuck Harrison

CHUCK HARRISON is a cartoonist and writer living in Rochester, NY. with his son called Puff & his cat named Monkey. His coffee fueled comics work has been published by DC Comics, Color Ink Book, godSwill Ministries & many other ... View Chuck Harrison's profile

Maxwell Harvey-Sampson

MAXWELL HARVEY-SAMPSON is a transfer student studying Fine Art Photography at RIT. Maxwell is from Athens, Pennsylvania and enjoys photographing the vibrant youth culture present in Rochester. He is also interested in creating fine art films. View Maxwell Harvey-Sampson's profile

Sarah Hilfiker

Sarah has many interests, but is especially drawn to science and art, farming has provided the perfect blend of those two things. After gathering diverse life experiences it has led back to her country roots to grow and provide healthy ... View Sarah Hilfiker's profile

Jim Hill

JIM HILL studied English for four years at Fredonia State and has a piece of paper that certifies this to be so. He spends his time playing music and scribbling on sheets of paper. View Jim Hill's profile

Chris Jones

CHRIS JONES has too many coals in the fire. She is passionate about art, music, design, history, genealogy, and pets. Not necessarily in that order. She is co-owner of Historic Houseparts and the Period Bath Supply Co. and lives in ... View Chris Jones's profile

Steve Jordan

STEVE JORDAN is an historic preservation consultant and operates a window repair business. His new book, The Window-Sash Bible, will be available after the first of the year. When he is not preaching preservation, he is frequently found in the ... View Steve Jordan's profile

Tom Kohn

TOM KOHN has been the owner & operator of Bop Shop Records for 31 years. He is a record collector, music consultant and part-time concert promoter. When he is not buying, selling, collecting, or listening to music he is cooking ... View Tom Kohn's profile

Kevin Kosieracki

KEVIN KOSIERACKI is married with two dogs and has been a photographer for as long as he can remember. He and his wife shoot about 8 to 10 weddings a year when he’s not working as a mechanic at a ... View Kevin Kosieracki's profile

Karrie Laughton

KARRIE LAUGHTON loves the South Wedge. When she's not busy running a bar (Lux Lounge), or volunteering her time with BASWA she hangs out with her awesome dog, Charlie, who is a total brat, but she loves him anyway. She's ... View Karrie Laughton's profile

Katie Libby

KATIE LIBBY likes to think that she lives in the South Wedge but she actually lives in the Highland Park neighborhood. She can't tell you where things are on a map but she can recite all the lines in "Clueless" ... View Katie Libby's profile

Greg Libby

GREG LIBBY revealed his doodling skills one summer night and now, between managing the Tap and Mallet and keeping his sister out of trouble, has become an integral part of the SWQ. View Greg Libby's profile

Emily Lidie

EMILY LIDIE works with The Arbour Barber focusing on garden maintenance; finding that sweet spot where aesthetics, health and functionality intersect. She loves to observe and parse, and find the plant world suits those activities endlessly. View Emily Lidie's profile

Joe McBane

JOE MCBANE is the owner of Tap and Mallet and a professional imbiber. He is originally from Sheffield England, and has worked in the Rochester craft beer scene for the last 15 years. View Joe McBane's profile

Heather McKay

HEATHER MCKAY is a feisty red head living in Swillburg. She loves to bike around the city, snowboard and play the banjo… just not at the same time. Heather is a master brainstormer and the owner of McKay's Photography and ... View Heather McKay's profile

Rose O'Keefe

ROSE O’KEEFE is a long-time resident of the South Wedge, author of several local history books, and a board member of BASWA. View Rose O'Keefe's profile

Duane Palyka

Duane Palyka is a retired professor from the Rochester Institute of Technology School of Film and Animation who lives in the South Wedge. For the past eight years after retiring, he has played saxophone and clarinet with the Eastman School ... View Duane Palyka's profile

Nolan Parker

Nolan Parker was born at Highland Hospital in 1994. In 2017 he graduated from SUNY Geneseo. He does not quite yet know what to do with his talents, but he believes writing about his hometown is a good enough start. View Nolan Parker's profile

Drew Pearman

DREW PEARMAN always has his ear to the ground and a smile for friends and strangers alike. View Drew Pearman's profile

Lush Light Photography

Lush Light is a photography studio based out of Rochester, NY. Lead photographer, Karlie Lanni, specializes in bold and unique images with a twist. View Lush Light Photography's profile

Stephen S Reardon

STEPHEN S. REARDON I have been a photographer for over twenty-four years and am absolutely driven by Sensation, Emotion & Perception of the portrait. I have lived and worked as a photographer in Denver, Colorado and New York City. These ... View Stephen S Reardon's profile

Terry Schmitz

TERRY SCHMITZ when he isn’t busy managing Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care, enjoys fine music, street art, looking after his forest of house plants, sneakers, thick books on subjects along the lines of paleolithic insects or bio-mimicry and he also ... View Terry Schmitz's profile

Gerry Szymanski

Gerry Szymanski is a freelance and fine art photographer who specializes in portraits, events and weddings. Honored thrice with the City Newspaper's Best of Rochester Local Photographer award (2010, 2011, and 2012 and nominated for 2013, 2014, 2014 and 2016), ... View Gerry Szymanski's profile

Sarah Westendorf

SARAH WESTENDORF is 24 years old, lives in Pittsford, has a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Behavior from Mount Holyoke College and writes a cooking blog, Dash and a Pinch ( View Sarah Westendorf's profile

Jim Wolff

JIM WOLFF has a degree in journalism but prefers not to practice it. Taking a wrong turn, he has ended up selling toilet tank lids instead. He has a fascination with home demolition and restoration and has way too many ... View Jim Wolff's profile