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The Salads of Summer - Let’s talk summer! Lazy days at the lake, neighborhood picnics or just backyard hangs are my favorite ways to celebrate this season of warm breezes, outdoor living, and sun-shine. I absolutely love to cook, even during those hot and humid ... read more
Eat Your Heart Out! - Let’s get real, we all snack. And in all honesty, snacking isn’t bad for you if it’s done in moderation and by making healthy choices. With February being National Heart Health Month I want to share some of my favorite ... read more
Spooky and Delicious - When I say Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday all year I’m not at all exaggerating. Cooler weather, jack-o-lanterns and being able to wear one of my many Witch hats - what could be better? On Halloween night we get ... read more
A Feast for Everyone - Days are getting shorter and the sweaters and gloves are back out. The smell of woodsmoke is in the air and leaves are crunching underfoot. It’s time to plan the menus for your holiday parties and family gatherings.This used to ... read more
Don't Feel Guilt...Eat that Burger! - After many weeks of holiday parties, family gatherings and hibernating on the couch, I know how hard it can be to stick to that ohso-common New Years Resolution of “eating healthier and getting in shape” when the days are grey, ... read more
It's Easy Eatin' Green - Flowers bloomin’, birds chirpin’ and the sun is finally shinin’! Bring on those fresh spring veggies! Crisp asparagus, sweet baby peas, and beautifully aromatic leeks. Not only are they abundantly tasty, they are also very versatile and easy to work ... read more
A Simple Festive Feast - My husband and I will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary this September. When we tied the knot, a big church ceremony and a huge reception were just not us. We were married in a small outdoor ceremony and then ... read more
The Comfort of Soup - When people ask me what I do and I tell them I’ve been a Chef for almost 18 years (which of course means I started when I was 10 years old) the question I am most frequently asked is “what ... read more
New Traditions - With the holidays around the corner it’s time to start making my lists and checking them twice. Each year I’m in charge of our Christmas Eve cocktail party. As a kid, we would celebrate this evening at my Nana and ... read more
Of Course You Can! - As the air starts to cool a bit and the daylight hours begin to dwindle, it’s clear that Autumn is almost here. Then comes the realization that it will be at least 6-7 months until fresh local produce will again ... read more
Holiday Traditions - It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I look forward to indulging in all of the yumminess that this season brings. Our family has some amazing recipes that we cook only during the holidays. As a chef, most ... read more
Autumn Dinner for Two - Here in upstate New York, we are very blessed to live in one of the most beautiful parts of our country. Autumn is spectacular! A day trip to the Finger Lakes visiting wineries and sampling their delights is a ... read more
Sweet Summertime - Ahhh...Summer! Without a doubt my favorite season. All year long I look forward to outdoor concerts, days spent by the pool, boating on the lake, and best of all, backyard picnics. Having grown up in a small town in western ... read more
Keep It Fresh - Spring is here! And with that comes the long list of things to clean, organize, and freshen up. This is the perfect time to declutter your pantry. Check the expiration dates, place open bags of flour and sugar in air ... read more
Share Spring - SPRING brings beautiful flowers, buds on the ttrees and, one of my favorite things as a chef, spring vegetable shares! As Rochesterians, we are lucky to have so many Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs. (Read more about these programs on ... read more
Healthy Eating in the New Year - Each January I find myself scanning the internet for new healthy food ideas. After indulging at family gatherings and holiday parties my body is ready for all the healthy food I can get my hands on. It can be ... read more