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Music Spotlight: Brian Williams - We are not talking about reeling in some bucket mouth here, we are talking about the bravest, most bad-ass, big-smiling, heart-warming antics of THE Brian Williams.You’ve seen him all around town, swinging that big ‘ol bass around like a pretty ... read more
Music Review: My Morning Jacket - It Still MovesJim JamesSpring 2016 | CD/LP/DigitalGenre: Kentucky Fried Rock & ReverbThis classic re-issue is long over-due and contains some real gems and glimpses of the very bright future ahead of a much younger Jim James.It sounds like Jim James ... read more
Music Review: Ray LaMontagne - OuroborosRCA/Jim James ProducerMarch 2016 | CD/LP/DigitalGenre: Thematic Floydian Splendor Ray LaMontagne has been creating his own blend of American rock and roll for the past decade, with songs and albums born out of loss and heartache and heartbreak. He made ... read more
Music Review: Maybird - Turning into Water30th Century Records/SonySpring 2016 | CD/LP/DigitalGenre: Swirly Psychedelic Sunshine Maybird is making waves. Not so quietly up to some very interesting things and making us all so very proud. This is a Rochester band, comprised of three of ... read more