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Make It Sparkle - No matter what the situation, what the circumstances, the occasion, the relationship, two things are always appropriate: flowers and Champagne. I propose a new year’s resolution – let’s stop reserving these for other people’s weddings. I propose we drink more ... read more
Spring Tonics - Picture a kind of linen closet with a window to the outside. That was the refrigerator in my grandparents’ kitchen, where I grew up. The average temperature during a Latvian winter (September yhrough May… just kidding) is well below freezing, ... read more
The Sazerac - In the history of the world, we are a young country. The United States of America was paved by people who are not from here. We all came from somewhere else. Whether we were running from something, as my family ... read more
Drinks: The Classics - My first love was cocktails. I grew up in my grandparents’ center city loft in the old world and in the old time. They hosted brilliant parties: I remember women in pearls, with fragile glasses of fizzy drinks. Men at ... read more