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Music Review: Harmonica Lewinsky - Harmonica LewinskyNaked Brunch7” Reel Time Records 2015Local garage-rockers pump out 4 oozey-stompers that will have you tapping your foot HARD in no time. These psychedelic-tinged, bassheavy, surf-guitar-drenched cuts are perfect. The tasteful use of the organ makes me think of ... read more
Music Review: 2814 - 2814(Birth Of A New Day) Dream Catalogue Records 2015I don’t remember how I stumbled upon 2814, probably cruising reddit and saw a link, but I am sure glad I did. A collaboration between two producers - Hong Kong Express (HKE) ... read more
Music Review: Mavis Staples - Mavis StaplesLivin’ On A High NoteLP/CD Anti 2016It’s not everyday that artists from the 1950’s and 2000’s collaborate on a new release; reminiscent of the American Records series of covers that Johnny Cash released in the 90’s, shortly before his ... read more