SWQ Autumn 2016

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Music Spotlight: Brian Williams

Don Alcott SWQ Autumn 2016

We are not talking about reeling in some bucket mouth here, we are talking about the bravest, most bad-ass, big-smiling, heart-warming antics of THE Brian Williams.You’ve seen him all around town, swinging that big ‘ol bass around like a pretty ... read more

Pets of the Wedge: Clawed

SWQ Autumn 2016

CLAWED Tuxedo Domestic Shorthair Cat Owner: Deb Z, Zaks Avenue Job: Shop greeter and all around Fur-buddyHis mustache lured his mom at an adoption event 10 years ago. Clawed is a special boy who had a rough start. Living under ... read more

Pets of the Wedge: Truman

SWQ Autumn 2016

TRUMAN Golden Retriever/Shepard Mix – A Heinz 57Owner: Maggie Stockman, AbodeJob: Cashier’s Assistant, sleeping and fly catcherTruman was part of a rescue from Scottsville Animal Shelter who worked with a A.A.R.F, an organization in Tennessee that rescues pets from high ... read more

Pets of the Wedge: Greta

SWQ Autumn 2016

GRETA Shepard/Rott/Pit mix Owner: Jeana and John Roth, John’s Tex MexJob: Security, couch warmer & fur distributorAdopted from Lollypop Farm at the age of 2, Greta had already been through 4 or 5 homes.John & Jeana couldn’t be happier they ... read more

Calvary-St. Andrews

SWQ Autumn 2016

Nearly a year ago, the Session (the governing body) of Calvary-St. Andrews Presbyterian Parish determined that the challenges faced by the congregation were significant enough that action was taken to enlist the support of the presbytery (the regional body).An “administrative ... read more

Highland Market

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Autumn 2016

Damianos “Danny” Stefanou is no stranger to complicated projects. He bought a property at 555 E. Ridge Road in Irondequoit in 2000, tore it down and built a new 38,000 sq. ft. family restaurant, “Uncle Danny’s that has 12 employees. ... read more

Abundance Coop

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Autumn 2016

About five years ago, members of Abundance Food Co-op on Marshall Street began the search for a larger and more accessible space where they could improve their offerings as a grocery store and cooperative. After a long, hard search they ... read more

Getting to the Point

Paula Frumusa SWQ Autumn 2016

Acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, herbal remedies, laser therapy. Have you ever thought about alternative medical practices for your beloved pet? I can speak from experience, they are safe and effective options ... read more

Amazon and Empty Storefronts: Fiscal and Land Use Impacts of Online Retail

Deb Zakrzewsi SWQ Autumn 2016

The American Booksellers Association and Civic Economics have long collaborated to study and describe the state of independent retail in America, but until now those efforts have focused on brick ... read more

Little Free Libraries

Lori Bryce SWQ Autumn 2016

They’re dotted about the neighborhood. There must be a half dozen or more within a half mile of our front door. Not every neighborhood is so complete but the South ... read more

Autumn Day Trips

Karen Miltner SWQ Autumn 2016

A short drive from Rochester will get you a long way into experiencing the best of the Finger Lakes in all their autumn glory. Wine and beer tasting is one way to enjoy the season. You can also anchor your ... read more

Can You Dig It?

Greg Libby SWQ Autumn 2016

If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the local craft beer scene, then it’s hard not to notice the amount of canned products that have been hitting the shelves of your local beverage shops. The two banes of ... read more

Heat It Up

Karrie Laughton SWQ Autumn 2016

Aaaaaahhhh... it’s that time of year again, when we get to wrap ourselves up in soft, comfy sweaters, breath in the crisp autumn air and warm our bellies with yummy hot ... read more

Autumn Dinner for Two

Bridgette Pendleton-Snyder SWQ Autumn 2016

Here in upstate New York, we are very blessed to live in one of the most beautiful parts of our country. Autumn is spectacular! A day trip to the Finger Lakes visiting wineries and sampling their delights is a ... read more

Practicing What They Preach

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Autumn 2016

If you’ve noticed the storefront for North Wedge Market at 46 Mt. Hope Ave. and wondered what’s happening there, the short answer is, a lot. Rochester Pillar Church or The Pillar, ... read more

Zen and the Art of Beard Maintenance

Katie Libby SWQ Autumn 2016

November marks the start of Movember, the annual fundraiser for prostate and testicular cancer and suicide awareness that encourages men to grow a moustache or beard and collect donations for the ... read more

Spencer Koehl

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Autumn 2016

One day when South Wedge resident Spencer Koehl was sitting in Mike Bauman’s chair at the barber shop, Spencer told Mike about needing an idea for a business. Spencer had ... read more

Mike “Deuce” Bellanca

Jen Brunett SWQ Autumn 2016

In 2008, Mike “Deuce” Bellanca, founding pilot of Kamikaze Tattoo, parked his craft next to Boulder Coffee at 98 Alexander Street. Soon after he corralled a team of dedicated and talented artists to continue his mission of focusing on excellent ... read more