SWQ Autumn 2017

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Spotlight On: The Mighty High and Dry

Jen Brunett SWQ Autumn 2017

The Mighty High and Dry was coined as co-founder and South Wedge resident Alan Murphy was listening to satellite radio and noticing some trends feeding back to him in the form of singer-songwriters and their plights. “There was a simultaneous ... read more

Remodel Your Way to a Free Vacation

Heather McKay SWQ Autumn 2017

Most people like you and me use credit cards for everyday spending or a few big ticket purchases. Are you using the right card? Is your credit card working for you and helping you to stay out of credit card ... read more

Ron Maier

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Autumn 2017

A common sight early on a Saturday morning in the Wedge is Ron Maier patiently, tirelessly removing old handbills from light poles, pulling weeds, or picking up trash around Gregory and South Avenue. These acts, small contributions which greatly enhance ... read more

Fountain of Youth

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Autumn 2017

If you are looking for a warm and welcoming place to work out, by all means, visit Fountain of Youth, 390 South Ave., Suite A. When I first spoke to Hassan Robinson at a BASWA monthly meeting in the spring, ... read more

Of Course You Can!

Bridgette Pendleton-Snyder SWQ Autumn 2017

As the air starts to cool a bit and the daylight hours begin to dwindle, it’s clear that Autumn is almost here. Then comes the realization that it will be at least 6-7 months until fresh local produce will again ... read more

Jim Wolff & Chris Jones

Katie Libby SWQ Autumn 2017

Talking with Chris Jones and Jim Wolff, owners of Historic Houseparts (540 South Avenue), it is clear that they have a passion for preservation, for the South Wedge neighborhood that they have lived in for over twenty years, and for ... read more