SWQ Autumn 2018

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Kurstie Grimble (Khaos by Design)

Paula Cummings SWQ Autumn 2018

Kurstie Grimble never thought she’d be making a living as an artist.“I couldn’t find stuff I liked in stores because I’m a little bit different. So I started making my own jewelry and clothes – what I liked in my ... read more

Make it a Festive Halloween

Madelyn Posey SWQ Autumn 2018

When I was growing up as a kid, there were a few houses that will forever stick in my memory as the place to go on my trick-or-treating route. They were always decorated, a little spooky, and the owners were ... read more

Drink Local: The Spirit Room

Mark Tichenor SWQ Autumn 2018

“Tell him about the dimes!” Gabrielle the bartender yells, overhearing the conversation, Rachel McKibbens, The Spirit Room’s co-partner and resident poet laureate, smiles. “When summer was starting, and we hadn’t anticipated the slowdown from everyone staying outdoors, we were figuring ... read more

Spooky and Delicious

Bridgette Pendleton-Snyder SWQ Autumn 2018

When I say Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday all year I’m not at all exaggerating. Cooler weather, jack-o-lanterns and being able to wear one of my many Witch hats - what could be better? On Halloween night we get ... read more

Adam Bierton: Professional Pumpkin Carver

Morgan Flake SWQ Autumn 2018

Adam Bierton, a Rochester native, is happy to be back where he started out as an artist, before becoming a professional pumpkin carver in the artistic capital of Brooklyn. Halloween has always been one of Bierton’s favorite things. Like many ... read more

The Old Stone Tavern

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Autumn 2018

Let’s put our hands together for Old Stone Tavern, at 758 South Ave. which had its soft opening in July. After business partners Marc Taranto and Jeff Wilczewski took over the Orbs location, they had to apply for a liquor ... read more

Bradley James Designs

SWQ Autumn 2018

Mention the new floral shop on South Avenue and people want to know if they can buy flowers there. Yes. Walk-in hours are Wednesday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday by appointment only. Stepping into the shop ... read more

Lux Lounge

Jen Brunett SWQ Autumn 2018

LUX LOUNGE is kind of a misfit toy, that welcomes other misfit toys in a misfit part of the city. Revolving works of local art decorate the interior, there are tables with body parts, handmade sconces and nuances of demons ... read more