SWQ Holiday 2013

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WedgePoint: Just the Facts

SWQ Holiday 2013

Where?  The WedgePoint project will be built on the land formally occupied by the Downtown Travelodge at the corner of Byron Street and South Avenue. Who owns the land? John Billone, Jr. and Flower City Development. The ... read more

Since you Asked

Aunt Mary SWQ Holiday 2013

Dear Aunt Mary- Every year I suffer the 3 same stresses- Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's Eve. I love to see my family but I become very overwhelmed by the franticness of it all. I'm ... read more

Blog, blog, blog

Katie Libby SWQ Holiday 2013

Messy Nessy Chichttp://www.messynessychic.com/The blogger that runs Messy Nessy Chic lives in a cute, little apartment in Paris and has a hot, French boyfriend that runs her site for her. This typically would mean we ... read more

Maybird "Down & Under"

Tom Kohn SWQ Holiday 2013

Amid the swirling guitar sounds of modern psych folk, Maybird conjures up its roots in Beatles, John Lennon and George Harrison with a splash of some classic British psych a la Kevin Ayers. Halfway through the album, Leonard Cohen ... read more

Hibernation Is Not An Option

Jeana Bonacci-Roth SWQ Holiday 2013

Winter is coming. Some people are looking forward to this fact but if you’re anything like me you’re dreading the cold, snow, and the seemingly endless gray that a typical Rochester winter has to offer. Every winter I fall ... read more

It's The Thought That Counts

Sarah Westendorf SWQ Holiday 2013

Chocolate Covered PretzelsIngredients:Pretzels of your choice (you might want to grab a couple different sizes/shapes to experiment) Chocolate melting wafers (available in the bulk section of the grocery store-get milk and whiteA variety of holiday themed sprinklesSet up a double ... read more

Stumbling Through The Snow

Greg Libby SWQ Holiday 2013

It’s 12:48 a.m. Rochester time. After circling the airport in the sky for the last 45 minutes due to horrible weather conditions, the plane touches down. You wake the elderly gentleman next to you who has been sawing lumber ... read more

Christine Wagner, SSJ

Philip Duquette SWQ Holiday 2013

I always look forward to the last few days before Christmas. Not because the holiday rush will be almost over or I’ll have a week off. It’s because Christine Wagner, SSJ will be stopping by (hopefully!) with her famous ... read more

Deb Zakrzewski

Katie Libby SWQ Holiday 2013

When it comes to holiday shopping, there are different approaches one can take. There are those people that start way in advance and finish early, leaving the rest of their holiday to either relax or focus their energy elsewhere. ... read more