SWQ Holiday 2015

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The Future of our Small Businesses

Ann Duckett SWQ Holiday 2015

The Little Bleu Cheese Shop will mark its third year in December and during the time we’ve been open the energy we’ve created in our shop and in the community has been a source of great joy, pride and ... read more

Harry G's expands

SWQ Holiday 2015

Harry G’s has expanded to accommodate additional seating. Our new seating area doubles our previous seating capacity and can be reserved for private luncheons, events or parties. We are pursuing a wine and beer license and as soon as that ... read more

Jill Grussow's Erie Harbor Bird

Walter Ketcham SWQ Holiday 2015

On October 23, 2015 the Erie Harbor Bird was installed in between Mt. Hope Avenue and the Genesee River near the head of Hickory Street in the South Wedge. It ... read more

Street Therapy in the South Wedge

Maureen Malone SWQ Holiday 2015

Now in its fifth year, WALL\THERAPY is an art and community intervention project, using public murals as a means to transform the urban landscape, inspire, and build community throughout Rochester. With more than 15 works, the South Wedge neighborhood is ... read more

Bo Ssam

SWQ Holiday 2015

NEW YEAR’S DAY. The end of the holiday season until the run up to President’s Day. It’s a day of recovery for some, of reflection for others. An arbitrary day in our lives when the slate has been wiped clean ... read more

The Maier Family

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Holiday 2015

Ron Maier has had his shoulder to the wheel in the South Wedge longer than most people I know and his wife, Norma, has been by his side all along. In 1969 when this neighbor- hood was blighted with 120 ... read more

Jared Valentine

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Holiday 2015

Three years ago, a snowy scene of Open Face’s front door graced the first issue of the South Wedge Quarterly. Owner Jared Valentine, who has kept cooking since that gentle ... read more

q&a with fashion fitted

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Holiday 2015

SWQ – Who got the idea for the upscale apparel? My business partner Robert Miller and I founded FashionFitted®. The initial product was the FeatherFitted®, a custom-made fitted hat with ... read more

Lyjha Wilton

Philip Duquette SWQ Holiday 2015

Lyjha Wilton, father of 5, entrepreneur and real estate developer, was named one of Rochester’s Forty under 40 by the Rochester Business Journal in 2007. He predicted that in 10 years he’d be “enjoying the successful resurgence of the South ... read more