SWQ Spring 2018

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Abundance Co-op

Morgan Flake SWQ Spring 2018

Abundance Food Co-op is the grocery store and community space around the corner. Whether you are a member, a frequent or occasional customer, or someone who is still wondering what the grocery store on the corner of Averill and South ... read more

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Farm

Sarah Hilfiker SWQ Spring 2018

With more consumers choosing and eating organic in recent years for many different reasons from personal health to environmental concerns, knowing where your food comes from is something we should all be more curious about. Growing your own food is ... read more

Trevyan Rowe 1914 - 2018

Victoria Robertson SWQ Spring 2018

On Thursday March 8, 14 year old Trevyan Rowe walked away from his school bus at James P.B. Duffy School 12 on South Avenue and eventually drowned in the Genesee River. His family did not even know he was missing ... read more

David Halter 1935 - 2018

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Spring 2018

By Rose O'Keefe with Lisa HalterAt the service for the celebration of the life of David “Dave” Halter on March 4th at Calvary St. Andrew’s Church, everyone who spoke showed a side of him that others didn’t know. Sandy Brewer, ... read more

Cinco de Mayo

John Roth SWQ Spring 2018

Spring means one of America’s favorite cultural holidays! No, I’m not talking about St. Patrick ’s Day, I am talking about the one with the arguably better tasting food that comes later in spring. That’s right, it’s Cinco de Mayo!But ... read more

Jay Lincoln

Jen Brunett SWQ Spring 2018

I think if you took a peek into the mind of Jay Lincoln (RIT Professor and Artist), you’d see a swirling kaleidoscope of vivid color— distorted hues rippling into one another with their own brand of vibrancy. You’d be slightly ... read more