SWQ Summer 2019

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John’s Tex Mex

Jen Brunett SWQ Summer 2019

How many times have you had an idea that you thought would be great if you could actually pull it off but decided not to do it for whatever reason? Maybe you were too busy or didn’t think you could ... read more

Stars & Stripes Flag Store

Joan Brandenburg & Chris Stocking SWQ Summer 2019

There is a store on South Avenue that makes you feel good about being an American. Thanks to the efforts of the Wegmans leadership team, the Stars and Stripes Flag Store,located at 447 South Avenue, has a new, refreshed look ... read more

Kenron Celebrates 50 Years

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Summer 2019

If you’ve known Ron Maier for a while you may know him as the businessman who in 1975 moved his Kenron office and shop into the former Fine Arts theatre at 700 South Ave. or that he teamed up with ... read more

Rochester Real Beer Expo IX

Joe McBane SWQ Summer 2019

The Rochester Real Beer Expo is just around the corner and now in its 9th year. The Expo is produced by BASWA board members and local business owners and all proceeds from the event are rolled back into the neighborhood ... read more

The Salads of Summer

Bridgette Pendleton-Snyder SWQ Summer 2019

Let’s talk summer! Lazy days at the lake, neighborhood picnics or just backyard hangs are my favorite ways to celebrate this season of warm breezes, outdoor living, and sun-shine. I absolutely love to cook, even during those hot and humid ... read more

Sun Salutation | Surya Namaskar

Kay Colner, PT, DPT, C-IAT SWQ Summer 2019

When we think of the word Yoga, it’s easy to picture push-ups and back bends, downward dogs and warrior poses. I think we even like to chuckle at the thought of our friends contorting themselves into fish pose and falling ... read more

SW AirBnBs

Rose O'Keefe & Chris Jones SWQ Summer 2019

Whatever your style or budget, if you want to live somewhere like a neighbor, then an Airbnb is the way to go.The online Rochester map shows prices for places from Irondequoit Bay to the suburbs. Clicking on the tags, there’s ... read more

Canopy Design & Illustration

Paula Cummings SWQ Summer 2019

Warm mid-day light streams through the floor-to-ceiling bay windows of the Caroline Street studio, illuminating the rows of artwork that line the walls. The subjects in the frames range from cityscapes to state parks, and from 90’s pop culture to ... read more