SWQ Winter 2019

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Alison Cote

Paula Cummings SWQ Winter 2019

If you live in Rochester, you’ve probably seen artwork by Alison Cote. Her work isn’t tucked away in some gallery. It’s everywhere. “The city is my gallery,” says Alison. “The bands that are hiring me put up my posters all ... read more

Anna Liebel

Paula Cummings SWQ Winter 2019

Anna Liebel caught the music bug as a teenager. Her sister’s band was on tour, and Anna was invited along to sell merch. “I’ve always loved music, but I had never played, really,” Anna recounts. “From there, I wanted ... read more

Don't Feel Guilt...Eat that Burger!

Bridgette Pendleton-Snyder SWQ Winter 2019

After many weeks of holiday parties, family gatherings and hibernating on the couch, I know how hard it can be to stick to that ohso-common New Years Resolution of “eating healthier and getting in shape” when the days are grey, ... read more

The Sazerac

Evvy Fanning SWQ Winter 2019

In the history of the world, we are a young country. The United States of America was paved by people who are not from here. We all came from somewhere else. Whether we were running from something, as my family ... read more

Small Fry Art Studio

Morgan Flake SWQ Winter 2019

As the South Wedge evolves, new businesses crop up as unassumingly as the spring’s first blooms and await our notice. You may have seen the latest arrival on the corner of South and Gregory, Small Fry Art Studio. Here’s hoping ... read more

Tru Yoga

Rose O'Keefe & Chris Jones SWQ Winter 2019

Celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year, Tru Yoga, located at 696 South Ave, is an open and inviting space where new yoga students and expert practitioners alike feel welcome and inspired. Owners Lindsay and Pete Nabozny believe strongly in making ... read more

Dr. Stephen Boronczyk: Rochester Chirotherapy

SWQ Winter 2019

Best wishes and to welcome Dr. Stephen Boronczyk whose name we can add to the list of South Wedge practitioners who help us stay healthy. Q ~ What did your parents do and what lesson did you learn from them? ... read more

Colin Coffey: Renewing-Massage

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Winter 2019

It is a pleasure to get better acquainted with Colin Coffey, a licensed massage therapist and owner of Renewing Massage who definitely makes people’s lives better.Q ~ What did your parents do and what lesson did you learn from them? ... read more

Glickfit Gym

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Winter 2019

Try to forget that 6’5” Glickfit Gym co-owner Kyle Glickman happens to model men’s clothing. Try to forget that Ewa (pronounced Eva) Hlebowicz is a full-time firefighter who prefers to be called fireman because she does a “man’s” job. They ... read more