Cheesy Eddie's

As a customer of Cheesy Eddie's, our commitment to you is this: We will work with the utmost integrity to produce baked goods you can be proud to feed to your family and provide to your friends. As we expand our product offerings, our philosophy doesn't change. We keep our standards high, our ingredients fresh and natural, and when it comes to our customers…service beyond expectation!

Our Key Values:

  • We believe in using all-natural ingredients.
  • Everything is made from scratch!
  • Customer satisfaction is not just a "catch phrase" in our business.
  • That nobody does it better.
  • We are a tried and true Rochester tradition and we treasure that.
  • We are a destination, not just a stop along the way.
  • We greatly value our community and our employees.

Cheesy Eddie's has been a part of countless family traditions and we are proud to continue the legacy of providing top quality desserts for all to enjoy.