Community Composting

Rochester's only residential compost service! We will come to your house, pick up your food scraps, and turn them into organic compost!

Our goal is to make composting fun and easy! Compostables are picked up from a bin we provide and your food scraps are turned into compost we offer back to you.

Curb the need for landfills. Roughly half of what ends up in the landfill can be composted. By composting our food scraps we can greatly reduce our dependence on landfills.

Replenish our soils. Organic compost is the most effective way to grow organic crops. Artificial fertilizers wreak havoc on local systems and require a serious petroleum based infrastructure.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions. When organic matter decomposes anaerobically it produces methane, a greenhouse gas that is 30 times more potent than CO2.