McCann's Local Meats

Our unique advantage starts with meat that comes directly from animals raised on local farms in an ethical and sustainable way with no growth hormones and no preventive antibiotics. McCann’s Local Meats will take great products and apply the classic techniques of this all but forgotten art. We understand the science behind what makes meat more flavorful and tender. To this end, we allow all our meat to hang and air dry for a period of time to maximize its potential. There will be nothing in Rochester like our 35 day dry aged rib eye, NY strip, and sirloins. This type of steak experience, usually only found in the best steak houses of major cities, is what beef is all about. We will grind burger meat fresh daily, link sausages, and produce high quality deli meats all in house. We want to honor the sacrifice of the animal by using virtually everything and this is achieved through culinary knowledge.