MGOS Academy of Irish Dance and Ashford Ballet Company

Ashford Ballet Company was founded in 2009 by director Caitlyn Redmond. Shortly after, Caitlyn talked about her dream of a special needs program that offered self contained and all inclusive classes where all students could shine. She spoke of growing her small studio of 12 three-five year olds into one which offered a variety of classes to all age levels, and to eventually compete. She now has Rochester’s largest special needs dance program, and over 100 students ages 3-12!

Caitlyn is a NYS Certified teacher in Special Education, Elementary Education, and Dance Education. It is her background in education that is the foundation of her dance classes, and inspired her to develop our program for children with special needs.

“Ashford Ballet Company was founded on the principle that dancing should be fun. That’s it. It sounds so simple, but I think it’s easy for dance schools to lose sight of what dance class is all about. When your children comes to class at my studio, my teachers will make them feel special. We will respect them, support them, and praise them as they grow as dancers. We will also encourage hard work, kindness, and teamwork. Growing up, dance class was my favorite place to be. I recall running into the studio, because I was so excited for class… This is the feeling I want to emulate for my dancers. If you entrust your child to me, I will provide solid technical training. Equally as important, I will do my best to build their confidence and foster a love of dance.”