Satisfied Tastes

Relish is more than just a tangy condiment. We are a lunch, dinner and prepared food restaurant. We are a whimsical pop event you throw to awe. We are a friend you call for cooking advice. Meals at Relish are created daily from scratch with simple whole ingredients. It is our hope to provide you with a quick fun way to enjoy dining or entertaining guests. Our prepared meals come with simple re-heat instructions so you can enjoy in minutes.

Zestful Flavor

Relish is proud to be part of the 'locavore' moment. Nearly all our ingredients are sourced from Upstate New York organic farmers. It is important to Relish to develop a lasting relationship with farmers. Farmers who are stewards of the land and provide unique ingredients.


A Rochester native Stephen Rees is passionate about cooking. Stephen was exposed to eating local at an early age. His childhood home had large gardens always in reach. The freezer was always filled with local meats. He attended the Culinary Institute of America finishing with a bachelors degree and passion for French cuisine. A lineage of work and travel, has only bolstered Stephen's 'love with abandon' for a large garden, local meats and fine cuisine. He thrives on providing complete dishes that excite and thrill.