Solera Wine Bar

Solera Wine Bar was conceived by John Fanning during the summer of 2006. Originally from Long Island, NY John first became inspired by wine while living in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California several years ago. Soon after heading north to Oregon, John began working for Carabella Winery in the beautiful Willamette Valley. His interest in wine soon developed into a great passion, and he decided to relocate to Europe to learn wine-making and wine history from the ground up.

After spending time working and living at several renowned Italian wine estates, John was offered the position of Cellar Master for Tuscan producer Villa da Filicaja in the summer of 2002. John spent the next two years in the tiny village of Montaione, spending his days in the cellar and vineyards of Filicaja. Travelling extensively through the great wine regions of Europe, John learned to understand the process of winemaking, the history of wine, and most importantly, the soul of wine.

John moved back to the U.S. in late 2004 with an interest in becoming involved in the burgeoning Finger Lakes wine region. While living in Rochester, John noticed the lack of a wine bar style establishment, similar to the places he'd frequented in other U.S. cities and throughout Europe. No pretentiousness, no snobbery, just wine being enjoyed and appreciated the way it should be. With this in mind, he set out to open a space where people could taste and learn about great wine in a hip, cozy, and inviting atmosphere. As a newcomer to Rochester, John was intrigued with the potential of the South Wedge neighborhood, and 647 South Avenue soon became available. An intimate, charming, and atmospheric space, John knew it was the place to create Solera.

The inspiration behind Solera is simply the enjoyment of wine...and the creation of a wonderful space to enjoy it in. Add quality beers, gourmet snacks, and great music to the mix, and you have Solera Wine Bar, unlike anything thas has existed in Rochester before.