St. Joseph's House of Hospitality


stjoesSaint Joseph’s House of Hospitality is located in Rochester, New York. It is a Rochester Catholic Worker community which provides food, clothing, shelter and spiritually-centered care to its guests.

We share a firm belief in the God-given dignity of every human person; and we are committed to nonviolence, voluntary poverty, and the Works of Mercy as a way of life.

Some of us live in houses; some of us live on the street; some of us have a room of our own, or a bed and a place to keep; some of us have a cot or piece of a couch or a patch of floor to return to each night.
Our aim is is to try each day to “build a new society within the shell of the old” as we practice the Works of Mercy; and labor with whatever resources, physical as well as spritual, that we have been given at the time.
Rochester Catholic Worker Newsletter, 2008

We depend on our community for donations and volunteers. The Works of Mercy are an abiding norm for the Catholic Worker Movement. We invite you to come and flex your spirit.