Bars & Breweries

Caverly's Irish Pub

Since 2005, Caverly's Irish Pub has been a staple of Rochester, NY's South Wedge community. In the spirit of Ireland's pubs, you'll feel like you just entered your best friend's living room. Historical memorabilia and traditional Irish culture surround our ... read more about Caverly's Irish Pub

Cheshire Lounge

Warm, stylish wine bar featuring an array of whites & reds, with cheese & charcuterie boards. Cheshire is a classic old-style bar in the South Wedge in the room above Solera Wine Bar, ... read more about Cheshire Lounge

Dicky's Corner Pub

Dicky’s Corner Pub, located at the corner of Meigs and Caroline streets in Rochester, NY, is one of the oldest bars in Rochester and has been a fixture in the Highland Park neighborhood in the city’s Southwedge since the late ... read more about Dicky's Corner Pub

Lux Lounge

In case you haven't heard, Lux is a kick ass bar in Rochester's South Wedge Neighborhood. Come eat some Chex mix, sit by the outdoor fire, look at some cool art, all while enjoying a delicious cocktail. There is never ... read more about Lux Lounge


The Playhouse is a combination bar, arcade and eatery, complete with vintage arcade games, craft libations and Swillburger, a modern take on the classic American burger joint.By providing a one-of-a-kind experience to customers in the South Wedge and Greater Rochester ... read more about Playhouse/Swillburger

Rochester Beer Park

Mr. Wilton created the Rochester Beer Park, 375 Averill Ave., He opened the spacious and utterly unique place to grab a beer and a hot dog, to provide that "hang-out space" on June 1, 2018."I’ve always got at least three ... read more about Rochester Beer Park

Solera Wine Bar

Solera Wine Bar was conceived by John Fanning during the summer of 2006. Originally from Long Island, NY John first became inspired by wine while living in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California several years ago. Soon after heading north ... read more about Solera Wine Bar

Swiftwater Brewing

Us is sort of hard to explain. Like astrophysics, or finding a decent parking spot at the East Ave. Wegmans, it’s a very complex system with a lot of moving parts. Plus, it’s a really long story. But it’s also ... read more about Swiftwater Brewing

Toasted Bear Tavern

As we say goodbye to one Rochester staple, we proudly welcome in another! The Summer of '17 ushers in the opening of The Toasted Bear Tavern & Grill! read more about Toasted Bear Tavern