Calvary St Andrew's Parish

We are a diverse mission-centered Christian community committed to social justice, and we invite everyone to join us in feeding those who hunger for food or spiritual nourishment. read more about Calvary St Andrew's Parish

Greek Orthodox Church

The Holy Spirit parish was established in 1995, when approximately 50 families desiring to foster pastoral care and an intimate spiritual experience were granted permission to operate as a mission and subsequently as an official parish of the Greek Orthodox ... read more about Greek Orthodox Church

Mosaic Church

We are artists and teachers; technicians and entrepreneurs; healers and builders and servers. We are blue-collar and white-collar and unemployed. We are children, teens, college students, adults. We are single, dating, and married. We are athletes, we are disabled, and ... read more about Mosaic Church

South Wedge Mission

We are a worshipping community, experimenting with what it looks like to bake a neighborhood church from scratch. We practice a weekly rhythm of worship, including a 5 p.m. Sunday Evening Liturgy with weekly Eucharist, Matins (contemplative morning prayer) on ... read more about South Wedge Mission

St. Boniface Church

Blessed Sacrament and Saint Boniface are two vibrant parishes serving Catholics in Rochester, N.Y. Together with our partner parish, St. Mary’s Church in downtown Rochester, we welcome you to our active faith communities! We offer many opportunities to help you ... read more about St. Boniface Church

St. Joseph's House of Hospitality

WelcomeSaint Joseph’s House of Hospitality is located in Rochester, New York. It is a Rochester Catholic Worker community which provides food, clothing, shelter and spiritually-centered care to its guests.We share a firm belief in the God-given dignity ... read more about St. Joseph's House of Hospitality