SWQ Winter 2020

839 Clinton Ave S
Hours of operation: W-R 12-4:20, F 12-6, Sa 11-5, Su 12-5
Year business opened: 2012

Abode is a vintage and vintage-inspired furniture and home store with a focus on mid-century modern design. They also offer cards, candles, kitchenware, and gifts. Come see our 3500+ square feet of quirky, unique, and sometimes sassy finds!

Tips from the pros:

1) People seem to worry a lot about making everything match or "go" - we're big fans of letting your personal taste guide your style. By collecting items you truly love over time, you tend to end up with a space that might not match, but instead feels like "you."

2) When you're looking at pictures for inspiration, try to figure out what about the style makes it so appealing for you - is it the color palette? The scale of the items? The simplicity? The natural materials? Then, instead of trying to find everything in the inspiration photo, you can instead find pieces or layouts that will both give you the same feel AND work well for your space.

3) Don't be afraid to build your space over time. Starting with a few things you love and layering in and adjusting over time tends to yield a much more satisfying and appealing result than trying to buy everything you need for a room in a weekend.