Allstate Agency

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Holiday 2018

Who doesn’t agree that it’s a pleasure to see the storefronts on South Avenue fill up? The latest is the Allstate Agency at 661 South Ave, owned by Jon Yaeger, a western New Yorker born and bred. Jon has been a CPA for 18 years, and has had an office, Yaeger, Treviso and Associates on Ridge Road in Webster, with his partner Charles A. Treviso, CPA for 21 years. Jon said he decided to purchase an Allstate Insurance Agency “because of the product that Allstate puts out. To me it represents hard-working people that want a quality product at a fair price and chose to open it in the South Wedge for the friendly atmosphere and people.” He came down during the Rochester Real Beer Expo and met so many wonderful people that he knew this was the place to be. Given that the Allstate website says he is reachable by phone 24/7, Jon’s usual work week during the non-tax season runs about 60 hours. During tax season, it’s whatever it takes – 90 or more. “However,” he said, “being self-employed you never stop breathing, thinking or working your businesses. I’m fortunate enough to have a wonderful business partner and fantastic staff so working isn’t hard with that kind of support.” As for specific staff, he said there are, “too many to thank and mention – they are all fantastic.” Jon credits his parents with being strong role models. His mother worked with the elderly Hispanic community for Monroe County in the Adult Services Department of Social Services. His father worked as counselor with students, adult students and foreign Students at Monroe Community College. They instilled in him at a very young age the importance of “independence, self - reliance and “HARD

WORK”. With those tools at my disposal there is nothing I couldn’t accomplish if I wanted it bad enough.” Like many business owners, Jon’s road to ownership of an insurance agency started off on a different path. When Jon grew up in Brockport, it was much less developed then as it is today. Back then he played so much with dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and cars that he wanted to be an auto body technician and went to BOCES in Spencerport and Alfred Tech to study that. After Alfred and a short stint in the industry he determined that he need to learn business to open his own shop. He went to MCC part time for several years and then a wonderful thing happened – he found accounting and fell in love with businesses. He finished his four-year degree at SUNY Brockport. From there he worked for a big accounting firm which made him the business man he is today. After that, with his partner Chuck, they started a practice of their own. “If any of the readers want to get advice on insurance and taxes or just plain shoot the shit come on down and visit me.” With an invitation like that, how can you go wrong? As an outdoors type and all-around friendly guy, Jon enjoys meeting new people and plays soccer in the Rochester District Soccer League in the over 40 and over 50 divisions. “During the winter months I am an avid snowmobiler and try to visit a different part of North America to have an adventure snowmobiling.”

Allstate Insurance
661 South Ave.