Music & Art

Anna Liebel

Paula Cummings SWQ Winter 2019

Anna Liebel caught the music bug as a teenager. Her sister’s band was on tour, and Anna was invited along to sell merch. “I’ve always loved music, but I had never played, really,” Anna recounts. “From there, I wanted ... View full post - Anna Liebel

It's a Wonderful Life in the South Wedge

Tracy Duquette-Saville SWQ Holiday 2019

The Business Association of the South Wedge Area is excited to present our annual holiday festival, It’s a Wonderful Life in the South Wedge, now in its 11th year, on Saturday December 7 from 11 AM to 4 PM in ... View full post - It's a Wonderful Life in the South Wedge

Posey Letterpress

SWQ Spring 2017

Posey Letterpress is a one woman print shop in the heart of the South Wedge. We create custom stationery, gifts and invitations. Set up a consultation to create something beautiful that will stand out from the rest. Specializing in wedding ... View full post - Posey Letterpress

Picture Perfect

Heather McKay SWQ Spring 2017

As a seasoned wedding photographer who specializes in unique and DIY weddings, I’ve pretty much seen and done it all in my 13 years. The idea of a DIY wedding, or even just shaking up the traditional dynamics, sounds great, ... View full post - Picture Perfect

Flower Power

SWQ Spring 2017

I enjoy the creative process behind putting together the vision of my clients for their weddings. Couples are very focused on details, the mood they’re trying to create for their day. Their intention is to create a story that uniquely ... View full post - Flower Power

The Floor Dance Co.

Katie Libby SWQ Holiday 2017

Kristie Schillaci, owner and director of The Floor Dance Company (758 South Avenue) grew up dancing. She’s had training in ballet, jazz, tap, and contemporary and has been sharing that knowledge with students in Rochester for years. After graduating with ... View full post - The Floor Dance Co.

Austin Lake

Betsy Harris SWQ Autumn 2019

Being a creative in Rochester is what Austin Lake does. A man interested in many creative pursuits, Austin writes, performs, and records all his own music as well as writes, directs, and shoots his own movies. And of course, he ... View full post - Austin Lake

Alison Cote

Paula Cummings SWQ Winter 2019

If you live in Rochester, you’ve probably seen artwork by Alison Cote. Her work isn’t tucked away in some gallery. It’s everywhere. “The city is my gallery,” says Alison. “The bands that are hiring me put up my posters all ... View full post - Alison Cote

Honky Tonk

Kevin Grant SWQ Holiday 2019

A honky-tonk bar is defined as a cheap and disreputable old bar or saloon commonly associated with ragtime music and the Old West. Lux Lounge, on the other hand, is a thoroughly modern bar and the watering hole of choice ... View full post - Honky Tonk

Jay Lincoln

Jen Brunett SWQ Spring 2018

I think if you took a peek into the mind of Jay Lincoln (RIT Professor and Artist), you’d see a swirling kaleidoscope of vivid color— distorted hues rippling into one another with their own brand of vibrancy. You’d be slightly ... View full post - Jay Lincoln

Spotlight On: Rose Vrbsky & Will Amsel

Jen Brunett SWQ Spring 2017

Let’s talk about pianos. Not just your standard upright or elegant baby grand. Square pianos; which were the first incarnation of the former two and were all the rage before 1860. They were the instrument of choice for families for ... View full post - Spotlight On: Rose Vrbsky & Will Amsel

Getting to Know: Beth Ditto

Ben Frazier SWQ Summer 2017

Small-town Arkansas might seem like the least likely starting point for someone who would eventually become a queer icon and be called “the coolest woman in the world,” but that’s precisely the case with Beth Ditto. Leaving Arkansas as Mary ... View full post - Getting to Know: Beth Ditto

Spotlight On: The Mighty High and Dry

Jen Brunett SWQ Autumn 2017

The Mighty High and Dry was coined as co-founder and South Wedge resident Alan Murphy was listening to satellite radio and noticing some trends feeding back to him in the form of singer-songwriters and their plights. “There was a simultaneous ... View full post - Spotlight On: The Mighty High and Dry

The Secret Life of El Destructo

Jen Brunett SWQ Autumn 2019

You may have seen his paintings around town in places like Little Shop of Hoarders, LUX, Record Archive and Photo City Improv (the latter, having a continuous art show still going strong over 24 months) and thought to yourself delightedly, ... View full post - The Secret Life of El Destructo

Our House Art Gallery

Rose O'Keefe SWQ Holiday 2016

It is fitting in honor of Veterans Day in November to shine a spotlight on local vets. If you’re new to the area you might not know that the Veterans Outreach Center at 447 South Avenue bought the Richards ... View full post - Our House Art Gallery

Margaret Storms

Maureen Malone SWQ Holiday 2016

Visitors to South Wedge resident Margaret Storm’s display in the Hungerford Building on First Friday are treated to posters, sticker, pins and many other items decked out in a riot of colors with a visceral, 3-D effect, and dedicated ... View full post - Margaret Storms

Music Spotlight: Brian Williams

Don Alcott SWQ Autumn 2016

We are not talking about reeling in some bucket mouth here, we are talking about the bravest, most bad-ass, big-smiling, heart-warming antics of THE Brian Williams.You’ve seen him all around town, swinging that big ‘ol bass around like a pretty ... View full post - Music Spotlight: Brian Williams

An Interview with Overhand Sam

Leslie Zinck Ward SWQ Summer 2016

After years of watching him perform, and adoring him from afar, I got the opportunity to sit down for a cup a joe and a shared scone with the one and only Sam Snyder, otherwise known around this town as ... View full post - An Interview with Overhand Sam

Music Review: My Morning Jacket

Don Alcott SWQ Summer 2016

It Still MovesJim JamesSpring 2016 | CD/LP/DigitalGenre: Kentucky Fried Rock & ReverbThis classic re-issue is long over-due and contains some real gems and glimpses of the very bright future ahead of a much younger Jim James.It sounds like Jim James ... View full post - Music Review: My Morning Jacket

Music Review: Ray LaMontagne

Don Alcott SWQ Summer 2016

OuroborosRCA/Jim James ProducerMarch 2016 | CD/LP/DigitalGenre: Thematic Floydian Splendor Ray LaMontagne has been creating his own blend of American rock and roll for the past decade, with songs and albums born out of loss and heartache and heartbreak. He made ... View full post - Music Review: Ray LaMontagne

Music Review: Maybird

Don Alcott SWQ Summer 2016

Turning into Water30th Century Records/SonySpring 2016 | CD/LP/DigitalGenre: Swirly Psychedelic Sunshine Maybird is making waves. Not so quietly up to some very interesting things and making us all so very proud. This is a Rochester band, comprised of three of ... View full post - Music Review: Maybird

Music Review: Harmonica Lewinsky

Russ Torregiano SWQ Spring 2016

Harmonica LewinskyNaked Brunch7” Reel Time Records 2015Local garage-rockers pump out 4 oozey-stompers that will have you tapping your foot HARD in no time. These psychedelic-tinged, bassheavy, surf-guitar-drenched cuts are perfect. The tasteful use of the organ makes me think of ... View full post - Music Review: Harmonica Lewinsky

Music Review: 2814

Russ Torregiano SWQ Spring 2016

2814(Birth Of A New Day) Dream Catalogue Records 2015I don’t remember how I stumbled upon 2814, probably cruising reddit and saw a link, but I am sure glad I did. A collaboration between two producers - Hong Kong Express (HKE) ... View full post - Music Review: 2814

Music Review: Mavis Staples

Russ Torregiano SWQ Spring 2016

Mavis StaplesLivin’ On A High NoteLP/CD Anti 2016It’s not everyday that artists from the 1950’s and 2000’s collaborate on a new release; reminiscent of the American Records series of covers that Johnny Cash released in the 90’s, shortly before his ... View full post - Music Review: Mavis Staples

Metal Some Art

Maureen Malone SWQ Spring 2016

VISITORS to John’s Tex-Mex may notice a whimsical touch on the newly installed fence surrounding the restaurant’s patio—taco finials. This is the work of local artisan duo Clay Leiberman and Matty Sonar, owners of Metal Some Art. Owner John Roth ... View full post - Metal Some Art

Featured Musician: Alex Jones | Druse

SWQ Winter 2016

1. Tell me a little about yourself: what got you into music, where you take inspiration from, etc. I know that it’s incredibly cliche to say something like “music has always been a part of my life,” but I ... View full post - Featured Musician: Alex Jones | Druse

Jill Grussow's Erie Harbor Bird

Walter Ketcham SWQ Holiday 2015

On October 23, 2015 the Erie Harbor Bird was installed in between Mt. Hope Avenue and the Genesee River near the head of Hickory Street in the South Wedge. It ... View full post - Jill Grussow's Erie Harbor Bird

Street Therapy in the South Wedge

Maureen Malone SWQ Holiday 2015

Now in its fifth year, WALL\THERAPY is an art and community intervention project, using public murals as a means to transform the urban landscape, inspire, and build community throughout Rochester. With more than 15 works, the South Wedge neighborhood is ... View full post - Street Therapy in the South Wedge

Iannucci and St. Monci: Wall\Therapy

Jim Hill SWQ Spring 2014

Curious wanderers near South and Gregory may find themselves lured into a hypnotic labyrinth of red and turquoise shapes behind the Fine Arts Theatre Building. A hidden gem of this summer’s Wall/Therapy event, the mural is actually a collaborative effort ... View full post - Iannucci and St. Monci: Wall\Therapy

Maybird "Down & Under"

Tom Kohn SWQ Holiday 2013

Amid the swirling guitar sounds of modern psych folk, Maybird conjures up its roots in Beatles, John Lennon and George Harrison with a splash of some classic British psych a la Kevin Ayers. Halfway through the album, Leonard Cohen ... View full post - Maybird "Down & Under"