Dr. Stephen Boronczyk: Rochester Chirotherapy

Dr. Stephen Boronczyk: Rochester Chirotherapy

SWQ Winter 2019

Best wishes and to welcome Dr. Stephen Boronczyk whose name we can add to the list of South Wedge practitioners who help us stay healthy.

Q ~ What did your parents do and what lesson did you learn from them?

A ~ Both of my parents are teachers; my father high school sciences in the Syracuse City School District, and my mother kindergarten. Living with two teachers naturally taught me the importance of education, and gave me the drive to continue into higher education.

Q ~ Did anything from your childhood lead to what you are doing today or not?

A ~ The two biggest contributors from my childhood that led me to what I do today would have to my dad, and growing up playing sports. My dad was my high school biology teacher, so sciences were always in the house. Science was an interest, marrying that with sports made sense. I went on to Brockport to study exercise physiology, and play collegiate baseball. Injuries brought me to the rehabilitation side of sports. I saw a future in that.

Q ~ Who are your mentors, heroes or role models?

A ~ Biggest role model and even mentor would have to be my dad. He was my high school teacher, high school basketball coach, and just overall good person. As I age I’m glad to say I’m starting to see more of him in myself. He’s just a patient, caring person, that has the right mindset to help you get through tough times. He reminds me that a happy, healthy family is most important no matter what adversity I face.

Q ~ What obstacles have you overcome?

A ~ Looking back, growing up living in inner city Syracuse has been something that has shaped me. Some people may consider not going to private school, or having parents that can afford to pay for your college a disadvantage but it taught me so much. It allowed me to be empathetic to other people’s daily struggles, and introduced me to a diverse group of people. Which is why I love working in the South Wedge, because it reminds me a lot of where I grew up in Syracuse.

Q ~ What was your lowest moment?

A ~ The lowest moment in my career, would have to be a year out of school. I was living in Chicago following an internship and was unable to find a job before college loan money stopped rolling in. I had to leave after only 3 months of uprooting everything and moving out there. I found a job in Syracuse that I assumed would be where I would stay but It didn’t last, and I was out of a job in 2 months. I took a pay cut to come work in Victor, without a place to live, lived on my brother’s couch for 2 weeks, and my sister’s for the 3rd, while I saved enough for an apartment in the city. I would say after working in Victor for a year, barely making ends meet, and realizing I couldn’t continue on that path was a low point. So, I took a risk and opened my own business from scratch in the city. It has been the most stressful/rewarding endeavor I have ever been on in my life, and only time will tell if it pays off.

Q ~ Family, pets, and how they do or don’t relate to your business dreams.

A ~ Family: Brother Jamie, sister Hailey both living out in Rochester, Mom and Dad back in Syracuse. I live with my girlfriend Leah in the city and have a golden doodle puppy Louie. Leah works as an occupational therapist in Fairport and is working to make Louie a therapy dog. When he is certified and has some off days he will spend some time with me in the office, bringing emotional support to some of my patients. My family and girlfriend greatly relate to my business as they have helped me with countless tasks along the way. Couldn’t have done it without them.

Q ~ Goals for this year and beyond?

A ~ Continue to help the people of Rochester through chiropractic care and start and raise a family in Rochester with my girlfriend Leah.

Q ~ Any awards, honors or notoriety?

A ~ I was a 4-year collegiate baseball player at Brockport state and I graduated with my doctorate in chiropractic Cum Laude at Palmer College of Chiropractic- Florida.