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SWQ Winter 2020

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We are a residential and commercial exterior contractor. We are offer repairs and full replacements for Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Windows, Doors, Insulation and Fencing. We offer multiple financing options, but our 0% 60 Month Plan seems to be the most popular.

Tip from the pros:

A couple good ideas for a common winter problem, Ice Damming, are

1. Verify if you have adequate insulation in the affected area.

2. Verify if you have adequate ventilation- An intake (The soffit) and an Exhaust (A box or ridge vent) You must not have any sort of blockage that impedes that flow, like insulation for example.

3. Lastly, most of the homes here in the city were not designed for adequate air ventilation and they did not have insulation when the older homes were built. Sometimes, you may have to use multiple tools to prevent ice damming. Insulation, ventilation, heat cables, removal of a gutter in a tricky area minimizes the ice creeping abilities or using a snow rake to remove snow are all possible tools.

Thankfully, this has been a mild winter so far and we have had very few calls for ice dam leaks!