​Highland Family Medicine

​Highland Family Medicine

Thomas M. Campbell II, MD SWQ Summer 2018

Highland Family Medicine is proud to care for patients and families at our home base in the heart of the South Wedge on South Clinton Avenue. We are the largest single-site primary care practice in Rochester, serving over 23,000 patients, but we always have room for more.

As a neighborhood health center we can address a full range of health care needs. As part of UR Medicine Highland Hospital we can also give you access to top specialists when you need them. We accept patients of all ages—from before birth to the end of life. That means we care for women during pregnancy, deliver babies, care for children, help adolescents on the transition to adulthood, treat common adult medical problems, and care for seniors. For several decades we have offered integrated behavioral health services providing mental health services for our patients as well. We even have an onsite pharmacy to make filling your prescriptions easy.

We follow the Centering Pregnancy® prenatal care program, which provides better outcomes and experiences for patients. At the heart of Centering Pregnancy is the group medical visit, which has proven successful in other programs for diabetes and asthma. Each group includes 5-10 pregnant women. The visit starts with individual weight, blood pressure, and belly checks and baby heart rate monitoring. Patients record their own results in a log.

Then, the patients hear guest speakers and learn more about topics such as pregnancy, infant care, lactation, dental care, and healthy cooking. But the most meaningful part of the group visit is the opportunity for the women to share their pregnancy journeys and motivate and encourage each other.

Addressing Opioid AddictionWe have taken the lead locally to address the opioid epidemic in Rochester, by providing onsite substance abuse and suboxone service. The Highland Family Medicine chemical dependency program includes physicians, nurse practitioners, and two Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC). The counselors conduct evaluations for opioid use disorders and address any concerns about substance use for all patients at Highland Family Medicine. A Group Medical Visit for Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is also available.

At Highland Family Medicine our vision is to improve the health of our communities and reduce health care disparities through leadership and excellence in family medicine education, clinical practice, research, and community service. I am so proud of our physicians, nurse practitioners, residents, nurses and other staff who are committed to the finest health care we can offer our community.

We are accepting new patients. You don’t have to rely on urgent care centers or emergency departments for your care. Research shows that overall health is improved when you have a personal health care provider who knows and understands your unique health care needs. Call for an appointment or check out our website for more information. We hope to see you soon!

Dr. Thomas L. Campbell serves as chair, University of Rochester Department of Family Medicine/Highland Family Medicine.