HIstoric Houseparts

SWQ Winter 2020

Historic Houseparts
528-540 South Avenue
(585) 325-2329
Hours: Mon-Sat 9:30-6
Established 1980

We offer both new and antique/vintage building materials and decorative accessories plus restoration materials for older homes. Some of the items you will find in our 20,000 ft business (4 buildings) include new and old door and cabinet hardware, sinks, tubs, toilets, faucets, lighting, tile, stained glass, woodwork and furniture.

Tips from the pros:

1. Think twice before tearing out or altering original elements of your house. Your original doors, woodwork, windows, tile, radiators, light fixtures and hardware might looked tired or need some attention. Maybe it's not your style. Replacement is an option, but restoration is also an option. Carefully consider both options and weigh the pros and cons. Once those architectural details are gone, they are gone forever.

2. Consider restoration. The gumwood or chestnut doors and trim throughout your home don't need to be painted or replaced to bring value to your house. Woodwork can be restored to its glorious original luster with some simple steps. Broken windows, leaded and stained glass can be fixed, right here in the neighborhood. Wiggly door knobs, doors that do not latch, and windows that no longer slide up or down can be easily remedied with materials you can buy right in the neighborhood. Dingy and broken light fixtures can be restored to amazing result.

3. If you do decide to remove original details from your home make sure you preserve them. Salvage businesses such as Historic Houseparts will come into your home and buy these items from you. We'll remove items carefully (we've been doing this for over 25 years!) to preserve them for people who may be looking for them for their own projects. This can save you time and money during your renovations process, and you can rest easy that the items will not end up in dumpsters and landfills.