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Rose O'Keefe SWQ Holiday 2018

It may be hard to tell from the quiet exterior that ME at 644-648 South Ave. is one busy place. As owner Jim Marchegiano says, “Honestly it is a very hectic business. We cover many aspects of the real estate business including sales, purchasing, rentals and also renovating homes that have sat zombie for years, along with our main focus of property management. So a typical day consists of many phone calls for maintenance or rentals, viewing anywhere from 5-10 properties a day, checking on renovations and trying to find property to buy. We manage 350+ units and average about 10-12 renovations a month.”

Jim’s journey to the business started when he was young. For a time he grew up in the city on Comfort Street, but ended up graduating from Churchville Chili High School. Although he aimed to work in sports as anything from a water boy to a pro, entry level jobs didn’t pay well and he didn’t have what it takes to go pro. But his father built houses and Jim grew up around construction sites, so working around real estate has always been familiar to him. For most of his childhood, his mom worked at Flower City Glass. He ended up in the construction and maintenance side of the business at age 17, and eventually moved into property management.

Nowadays, ME Real Estate is a property management company and real estate firm that focuses on rental property from Rochester to Canandaigua. In a business full of ups and downs, he considers “the best moment to date was purchasing our building. It was such an accomplishment to have our own space and to have it here in the South Wedge has been amazing so far!”

On the other end, his worst moment would have to be, “right when we were getting started we had an employee stealing money for months before we found out, which was a hard situation to overcome so early into our business.”

On the upside again, when his mother, Toni Hurtubis, recently started working in the office, Jim said. “I couldn’t be happier. She is a gem.” As to what he does for fun, Jim said, “I absolutely love sports, I will play and do play just about anything. I love to golf, I am very good at being a terrible golfer! I love being outside whether camping, or at the lake.” Jim is a proud of his family, “My father Jim [Marchegiano] is the definition of a man. He works hard and takes care of his family – definitely my idol.” He also praised his wife Ashley who “is absolutely amazing and I definitely would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. She is beyond a blessing!” His two business partners have become like family.

As for giving credit to his staff he said, “I would like to mention them all. My maintenance team is amazing! Sara, Jessica, and Toni are in the office day in and day out and they are the best team I could ask for. Mike our leasing agent and soon-to-be-real estate agent knows the business as well as I do and works just as hard as anyone I have seen. My brotherin-law Brian, aka Groot, is awesome and such a good worker and is my longest employee not to mention the nicest guy you will ever meet. Jason our property manager is my best friend and also my go-to guy for 99% of things in this company – first one in and last one out every day! I am very lucky to have such an amazing team!

ME Real Estate
644-648 South Ave.