Next Level House of CBD

Becky Walters & Rose O'Keefe SWQ Spring 2019

If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between hemp oil and cannabidiol, you can find answers to those questions at Next Level – House of CBD. The new business which opened in February at the corner of South Clinton and Alexander, carries a variety of cannabidiol-based products that may help relieve a wide range of ailments.

The name, Next Level, follows the whole-healing theme, looking into healing the whole person, rather than treating the symptoms,“ said co-owner Alyssa Sprague. “A medication that you’re getting through a prescription is usually taking care of a symptom, but the CBD takes it to a whole other level, because it’s actually balancing out the entire system, not just the symptom. It really is, in itself, on the next level, so we played off of that with taking healing to the next level.”

Given the many benefits CBD oil offers, co-owners, Alyssa and Abdul Soylemez, feel that their business will help the community. “We’re actually loving that we’re helping people. People come in, they tell us their stories and what they’re going through and we can relate to a lot of them.” She said it’s good to know that their products, and even just being there, being able to talk people through a really stressful day, that they’re letting something that’s going to make them happy when they leave.

CBD isn’t a fully-regulated area yet, and Next Level makes sure they’re getting the lab tested products, so they know the products are what they say they are, and that they’re working well. Alyssa and Abdul are also learning more about the laws. “We really want to be able to educate people on what they’re actually taking,” she said.

Abdul moved to this country from Istanbul when he was 6 and grew up in mostly in Irondequoit and Greece. He owned a smoothie business on Park Avenue where he blended CBD into some of their smoothies. The shop clientele loved those smoothies so much, that’s where they got the idea for a CBD shop. They hadn’t planned on opening so soon, but after finding bigger space at South Clinton and Alexander, they jumped at the opportunity.

“Boulder is my coffee shop, I was going there before we were even here. La Casa is one of my favorite restaurants in Rochester, “ Alyssa said. Once they found about the place, they were sold. “We’re really honored to be here.”

The shop also caters to the four-legged community, offering CBD treats and oils for dogs. Victoria, Alyssa’s sassy chihuahua, “manages” the shop from behind the counter, serving as the store mascot. Alyssa uses CBD for both of her dogs, which helps manage their energy levels and skin issues. As for her, she grew up in Lyndonville, Orleans County, and now lives in the city in NOTA.

While the store currently only offers CBD-related items like creams and oils, they hope to expand their business and add other services as well, with a massage and spa area already in the works. They also plan to open another shop “fairly soon,” with the current location serving as the main location.