Stars & Stripes Flag Store

Joan Brandenburg & Chris Stocking SWQ Summer 2019

There is a store on South Avenue that makes you feel good about being an American. Thanks to the efforts of the Wegmans leadership team, the Stars and Stripes Flag Store,located at 447 South Avenue, has a new, refreshed look and serves as a visual reminder of the red, white and blue colors of our nation’s flag. Operating under the umbrella of Veterans Outreach Center, all proceeds from sales go to support more than 1,000 veterans who receive housing, employment and case management services at VOC.

Store manager, Julia Liotta, is new to the South Wedge but has a wealth of experience in

retail sales, bringing 23 years of experience in both big-box and boutique stores. While Liotta may be new to the area, she’s not new to the veteran community. “My grandfather, a WWII Navy veteran, used to take me to the American Legion in Shortsville,” Liotta said. Her volunteer work at the Legion resulted in Legion members voting to grant her a college scholarship. “It is an honor to serve those who have worn our nation’s uniform

by promoting the symbol of the rights and liberties we enjoy every day.”

In addition to offering flags, Stars and Stripes Flag Store staff are well versed in flag etiquette. Liotta and her team work with area Boy Scout troops and Legion offices who provide flag retirement services. There is a ceremony that takes place for flags needing to be replaced, and customers can bring in their old flags and be assured that they will be treated with the utmost respect. A huge assortment of replacement flags are available along with different styles of flag accessories. Individual customers, corporations

and municipalities purchased in excess of 8,000 flags in 2018. Eventually, Liotta hopes

that every flag you see waving in front of a school, community building or company will have been purchased from the Stars and Strips Flag Store. “People can buy a flag from a lot of different places, but our customers understand that when they buy from us, they are not only celebrating America, they are supporting the men and women who have served our country.”

Not only does Stars and Stripes Flag Store offer flags, but when store employees recognized there was a shortage of clothing and accessories for women who served in the military, they sprang into action and designed a full line of t-shirts and accessories

for female veterans and those who support women in military service. Think Rosie the

Riveter but more contemporary. T-shirt slogans address some of the barriers that female veterans face with messages like “I am not a veteran wife, I AM the veteran!” and “She needed a hero, so that’s what she became!”

The desire to keep it local resonates throughout the store with home decor signs produced by local artist Alyshia Casper ( The natural stone work of Dan Pearl ( puts the insignia of each military branch up front and center in the garden, and a Pallet Flag by Derek is the perfect accent for any summer cottage décor.

Often, a person who served in the military chooses to continue a life of service by accepting employment in local police departments, as a fire fighter, EMS, or as a corrections officer. Friends and family looking to recognize them will find clothing and special merchandise supporting all men and women who dedicate their lives as first responders.

Keeping up with the business trend of boutique shops and big retail chains, Star and Strips Flag Store has an extensive online presence at Online shoppers will find a full spectrum of flags, flag sets and accessories, military and first responder mementos and apparel from which to choose with new items frequently added to boththe South Avenue location and the online store.

While the website is always open at, the South Avenue store hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and select Saturdays. For more information, call 585-546-3524 or email: